Pope Francis Hides Behind “Holy Mother Church”

I often wonder what would have become of me had I not gotten up the gumption to march straight out of “Holy Mother Church.” What finally tipped the scales for me, after a 24 years of guilty conscience in the surveillance of a remote patriarchal God who mercilessly saw and judged my every move — think of it, the Catholic church as the ultimate police state, complete with priests in dark boxes, into which one goes to “confess” one’s “sins,” allowing the “church” to keep further tab, on not just all our actions, but all our thoughts! It is as much a “sin” to think bad thoughts as it is to act them out! — was birth control. As a good Catholic wife and mother I wasn’t supposed to use birth control! Finally I decided that the well being of my own body/mind/spirit was more real, of much greater value to me, than the absurd rules of an invisible Daddy God in the Sky. And with this decision, my mind-controlled Catholic “piety” dissolved. Period. I was me, myself, from now on, attuned to my own body, and my body attuned to the greater Earth body in which we truly do live and move and have our being.

So now we have Pope Francis hiding behind Holy Mother Church, his latest effort to deflect accusations against him which, if true, should topple his “holy” reign.

BTW: It’s not holy mother church, but HOLY MOTHER EARTH, you fool!

And, may there never be another “pope,” another “head” of a “church” that keeps its sheeple from their own full aliveness in the interests of going to “heaven” and staying out of “hell.”

Pope Says Accusations Against Him Are An Attack on the Church


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  1. MLPC says:


  2. Sarah L Millikan says:

    Pope Francis is the only Pope I ever liked..He seemed more liberal…I do not understand why he is to BLAME on what the other Popes did…this has been going on for years…I think the other Popes don’t like Francis because he is for all or any and does not judge if you are white, black gay, or what…

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