Conspiracy Corner: Black Ops Whistleblower Cody Snodgres and Follow-His-Nose Steve Beckow

I find it hard to believe that I only just now discovered the black ops whistleblower, Cody Snodgres. I put Snodgres in the same league as financial whistleblower Ronald Bernard,   given how his life story truly blows my mind wide open (again).

My discovery came in the middle of last night, when, in a sleepless bout, I decided to listen to one of X22’s special reports. It happened to be only an hour long, for which I was grateful. When I checked out Cody Snodgres’s other videos, they all seem to be at least two hours long. And no wonder! Given the dramatic details of his earlier life as a black ops operative, I imagine he could talk for 24 hours straight and my eyes would still be popping.

This brave man, after 22 years of lying low — having finally devolved from a CIA asset into a CIA liability after refusing a million dollar bribe to serve as the patsy who blows up the Murray Building in Oklahoma City — now lays it all out, how the CIA works to create havoc everywhere while profiting from the ruins and covering its tracks. CIA ops are even more disgusting than I had imagined.

And closer to now, check out this very clear and perspicacious article by Steve Beckow who, unfortunately, doesn’t usually write about politics, and prefers only channeled sources. When he does follow his more down-to-earth nose, and in this case, does only one thing, check out wikipedia on the subject, this is the result. YES! A fascinating perspective on yesterday’s atrocity in Pittsburgh, and how the official narrative of this and any psyop instantly rolls out, having been clearly, obviously, composed beforehand. Reminds me of the hefty 342 page Patriot Act, sitting on a shelf, awaiting its fear-inducing false flag, and signed into law only six weeks post-9/11.

Pittsburgh: Great Tragedy or False Flag?

Update, 10/31/18: Several commentators have noticed that this article has now been deleted on Steve Beckow’s site. WHY? His decision? Wish I had copied and pasted it here.

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6 Responses to Conspiracy Corner: Black Ops Whistleblower Cody Snodgres and Follow-His-Nose Steve Beckow

  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Hi, Ann, I have two wrenches to toss into Steve Beckow’s essay conclusions.

    1) Steve jumps on the speed and depth of information that was posted so fast on Wikipedia. My discernment about that says, Check with a professional investigative reporter about how fast details can be pulled together and arranged in a narrative.

    2) Wikipedia is open to updates by anybody. The depth of the details could be due to many people adding checkable details during the day.

    Doesn’t mean Steve is wrong. Just means he, too, needs to be checked out.

    Like any worthwhile journalism professor says, “If your mother says she loves you, check it out!”

  2. rose day says:

    Ann. as you know, I vet info I send to you and a truly odd thing has occurred regarding info I accessed during the hearing for Kavanaugh who, as Counsel to George Bush II, was involved in creation of the Patriot Act which he described as soundly constitutional and good for the country.

    Much of the info I accessed at the time is no longer as easily available. As an example, the present Wikipedia article on the subject has undergone editing in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh hearing and present information is in keeping with the ‘6-week’ timeline but what is no longer included is that the original draft was presented to the House of Representatives on October 2, 2001.

    I feel that the necessity for personal discernment is now vitally important and my personal discernment-meter is registering Steve Beckow’s thoughts on the Pittsburg incident as thought-provoking and at the very least, worthy of consideration.

  3. Mary says:

    I thought Steve Beckow’s article you linked to was spot on. Wish I had copied it because it’s been deleted. I feel Saturday’s “event” was a turning point what with the ensuing persecution of gab, and I totally empathize with the paranoia he described. Dark days for this country have gotten darker. Beginning to feel Sauramon is winning!

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