Paul Craig Roberts: “It’s like a western movie. A showdown is in the making.”

The above title refers to ramifications of Trump’s statement that he will now abandon the historic Nuclear Treaty that Gorbachev and Reagan entered into, back in 1987,  as a first step in global nuclear disarmament.

That treaty was signed 31 years ago, just over one Saturn Return ago. The second step was never taken.

It’s like a western movie. A showdown is in the making

But, given the weird, hyped up, over the top contradictory, confusing spin being blared over every media as “the news” during these final two weeks leading up to what may be the most important U.S. election EVER, the above headline could have been used to describe the 14,000 “migrants”? “refugees”? dupes? now being bused north to the U.S. southern border in what appears to be another in a long line of (Soros funded) efforts to obliterate borders (of course the nyt denies it), and thus destabilize and chaotisize every country in the world on the way to the New World Order centralized state.

BTW: George Soros, born August 12, 1930, has his Saturn at 5° Capricorn, exactly where Saturn is crossing now. In other words, Soros is undergoing his third Saturn Return at this writing. Not only that, but his Pluto, at 19° Cancer, is being opposed during this year and next by transit Pluto in Capricorn. How many of us live long enough to experience our first and only Pluto opposition? Not many. Will this Pluto crossing prove to be his karmic come-uppance?

Or, it could have been about the gigantic swarm of earthquake activity during the past 24 hours up an down the west coast of this country. Purely natural? Or set in motion.

Or about Hurricane Willa? Could it be directed inland (by whom?) to disrupt the migrant march?

Or about the zig-zagging stock market meltdown, to usher in Trump’s obliteration of the “crazy” he says, Fed’s rapid rise in interest rates, to usher in nationalization of U.S. currency? See X-22 reports on this interpretation of financial events.

Or, it could have been about the weird, confusing Khashoggi murder drama that appears to be melting down all sorts of mideast alliances set in place for decades. Check out George Webb’s videos on this subject; he digs into Khashoggi’s dicey background. Check out Dr. Dave Janda’s Khashoggi analysis, among others.

These are a all a few of the “leads” I’ve pursued in my foolish quest to know what’s happening in an age where everything’s happening, and accelerating, and everything that IS happening depends upon one’s perspective.

Who knows what’s real? That headline is real. Damn real. But just who John Wayne is, and just who the bad guys are, is up for grabs.


P.S. This just in. Maybe Bolton is no longer a bad guy?




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2 Responses to Paul Craig Roberts: “It’s like a western movie. A showdown is in the making.”

  1. TurtleTurtle says:

    I pondered myself about the Saudi Arabia drama, and asked myself a question. Why does the MSM care so much? Thought about that a bit and then another snigglet began to tickle my grey matter this morning when I read that Gina Haspell has gone to SA. Now that is something worth noting. Q had said that Israel is last. So I pondered a bit more to get to the supposition that it might be that it was time to take down SA and Israel and dispose them of the Khazarian factions that have been ruling them for so long. If that is the case, then Kashoggi makes sense as he was a “journalist”=”intelligence operative” and is related to characters tied to 9/11. Is that why they need an expert in interrogation? Just ruminating on events, but the retaliation with the caravan makes much more sense. What an amazing time it is to be alive! Blessed be!

  2. rose day says:

    Great topics to pursue further . . . thanks for ‘news-hounding’!

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