Green Acres Village, late October 2018: Mulching paths, preserving and processing garden bounty, intimate Community Dinner — with song!

Despite Rebecca’s absence (she gets back on Wednesday), there’s been a flurry of activity here, especially focused on preserving food and putting the garden to bed. Plus, a very special Community Dinner, see below.

We got a large chip drop the other day, and before we knew it, it was 3/4 gone! Thanks to Josh, Dan, Miriam (an IU student in the “Biodiver-city” class of IU biology Professor Heather Reynolds), and myself. After we were done, Miriam also harvested the remaining peppers, and the day before Marlee (another student in the same class) and I had harvested collards. Josh joined us in chopping, then first lightly steaming and then freezing the collards; Miriam and I chopped and froze some of the peppers, and distributed the rest to the other two houses.

So, here goes, photos!

We had already scooped the remains of last year’s chips out of the paths and put them on the beds as mulch. So the paths were ready for the new chips.

JOSH, a brand new podmate, was the first to dig in to the new pile.

DAN continues.


Then we harvested the peppers, which Marlee and I then preserved another day.

Meanwhile, Marlee and Josh and I preserved some of the remaining collards.

Meanwhile, knowing a hard frost was coming, Rebecca had texted Gabby which plants need to be moved inside. Obviously, we’re not going to be able to save the elephant ears, so I took a final picture of their glory.

Last night, Dan decided to make more garlic kraut. Yum!

And this morning, he finally got down to actually beginning his long anticipated reading of Alan Carr’s famous book, “How to Stop Smoking” which is, apparently, guaranteed!

Last Thursday’s Community Dinner was a surprisingly intimate affair, just seven of us altogether. Four of the podmates were away; and only Mariella and Annie came from outside the Village.

So we could all sit at one table; kind of wonderful, what transpired, including my rendition of a song that has become a favorite at Crones Counsel. They were so taken with it that Andreas moved right to the piano,  and we all sang it again, twice.

Sorry, can’t figure out how to get the audio to this. Oh well! (And it appears to be going much faster than I actually sang it.)

When singing this song, it’s hard NOT to feel connected to all other humans. And certainly, in a small group, the intimacy engendered feels downright devastating. We’ve decided to sing it at Community Dinners from now on. Here it is, with lyrics. The only thing we change is, rather than “were”, we prefer “are.”

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