Neon Revolt’s determined digging into Hollywood’s “Black List” uproots complex nested web of globalist tendrils

Do you work for the government or other bloated bureaucracy 40 or so hours per week and so therefore can always appear to be “working” but actually have lots of time  to pursue leads on the internet? (I’ve noticed that visitors to this site are up during weekday hours, compared to nights and weekends, which is why I think people are reading the site at work!)

If so, you might appreciate the excavation of this amazing neon revolt rabbit hole from which he truly does appear to have coaxed, and then popped, into high relief, a massive leftist political/economic/globalist gestalt agenda rooted in what might seem, without neon revolt’s persistent, utterly determined digging, to be merely a cultural artifact, Hollywood’s Black List, an annual pdf of the “best” screenplays from which “directors” choose “which movies (and which Netflix series) to “make,” i.e., which blinkers with which to mind control the gullible public. (Is the public still gullible? I, for one, let go of Netflix six months ago). And the kingpin? One “Franklin Leonard,” whom I have never, ever heard of.

Soros’ Hollywood Rentboy – Exposed by #BlacklistAnon! #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

And BTW: if you are reading this site while “at work,” why not spend your time like neon revolt and Corey Lynn do, DIGGING? They are both utterly inspiring. Grateful.

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8 Responses to Neon Revolt’s determined digging into Hollywood’s “Black List” uproots complex nested web of globalist tendrils

  1. James Freeman says:

    >>Do you work for the government or other bloated bureaucracy 40 or so hours
    >>per week and so therefore can always appear to be “working” but actually have
    >>lots of time to pursue leads on the internet?

    I’m calling bullshit on that, and letting you know how offensive I find it. I work for a state environmental agency and we bust our asses because we’re under-staffed and under-funded. I consider it a “light week” when I only put in 40 hours, and that’s 40 hours of real work, thank you very much. And when we put in more than that we don’t get paid extra either, since we’re on salary. It’s also well after 6pm in my time zone, so I’m not reading your site on the clock!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Good for you for replying so directly to me. I’m sure there are plenty of people like you who work more than called for, rather than less. I’m addressing those who don’t. Some of them are my good friends!

  2. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    I read this elsewhere (I think Kauilapele), and hoo, the White Supremacy stink is high … so is the “sour grapes” smell of someone who didn’t get the breaks in Hollywood so OF COURSE IT’S ALL A PLOT.

    OF COURSE nobody succeeds in movies because they’re talented or work hard — IT’S ALL AN INCESTUOUS PLOT!

    OF COURSE human beings should NEVER advance in their careers because they talk to people, make friends, know someone who knows someone — IT’S ALL AN EVIL PLOT!

    OF COURSE women and people of color are BEING ARTIFICIALLY HELPED BY EVIL MASTERMINDS — that’s the ONLY reason women and POC are getting more visible in the media!

    What racist, misogynist hooey. I call disinformation.

    I worked for 15 years at screenwriting, trying to break into the film biz from Seattle. I did learn some Natural Law that this NeonRevolt person thinks is Evil Globalism — and again I speculate that that judgment spawns from the Natural Law’s failure to elevate *him.*

    The Natural Law of the film biz is the closest you’re ever going to get to physically, tangibly, experiencing Quantum Physics as human psychology and action.

    1) Everything is Relationships. You have to present yourself, meet people, talk to people, connect with people, impress people with your innate vision and capacity for creative, compelling storytelling — whether that Story is your words or your body, face, and charisma in front of the camera. You give your time and energy in the gamble that you will suddenly “know someone who knows someone” or become the Someone that others want to know.

    Leading to 1a), which is often remarked as light sarcasm: There are really only 30 people in Hollywood, and they all know each other. The crowds are done with mirrors and CGI.

    2) Nothing is Certain. Nobody knows anything. Because everything is a story.

    3) Like the originator of “The Black List,” like “A Star Is Born,” one day you’re nobody, struggling at a low-influence job, concocting something because you’re bored & dissatisfied, and the next day BOOM, you’re a gatekeeper of quality product, you’re a bankable star, you’ve got “It.” You have Power; you have Clout; and God only knows how long it will last.

    The ascent of Franklin Leonard is interesting — I had heard of The Black List, of course, since I still follow the business end of movies, media & filmmaking. I hadn’t known that he was a man of color. Interesting, but not important until characters like NeonRevolt take his skin color as a sign of EVIL GLOBALIST MANIPULATION!

    Again, I call disinformation. This NeonRevolt is grabbing the cheapest, most petty elements of the Money/Glamour carnival that is Hollywood (ie. interconnectedness), and touting it as EVIDENCE!!!!!!!! OF AN EVIL GLOBALIST PLOT!!!!!!!!!1

    Distraction. A lovely, energetic, racist, misogynist distraction from the real sin in Sin City: human trafficking.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Whew! Great rant, Joy! And I agree, everything except human trafficking is distraction. BTW: have you noticed that women and children have just about disappeared from the “refugees” flowing north through Mexico? Where did they go? Have they already been caught up, processed, trafficked?

  3. Joy Laughter says:

    Um, I didn’t say human trafficking is a distraction. I said, stuff like NeonRevolt’s racist article is the distraction AWAY FROM human trafficking.

    I’ve been seeing so many contradictory things written about the caravan approaching the border, I’m leaving it alone to play out.

  4. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Hey, Ann you are absolutely right, that IS what you said. My mistake. OK to remove this comment if you feel so inclined.

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