3D Epistemology: Corey Digs Deep into Discernment, plus: what is “astroturf”?

Avoiding the Cognitive Dissonance Mudslide

She begins:

The opposition attacks, in-fighting, and shills have increased exponentially over the last couple of months, creating disconcerting levels of cognitive dissonance across the board. There is good reason for this. Truth is rising to the surface at rapid pace, and disinformation and misinformation is being launched from all sides in order to control it, manipulate it, and in some cases, put a lid on it. The goal is to create enough doubt, that fear and rage become the driving force, to distract, destroy and divide, so that confusion becomes the new normal. Cognitive dissonance has set in stronger than ever before, and people from all walks of life are caught up in it. How does one ride this wave and maintain clarity, focus, and discernment?

(I bolded that one crucial sentence. A.K.)


By this time most of us are aware of the so-called 4 AM drops to the MSM.  This video demonstrates that apparent fact in an unusually clever way. The entire video is worth watching. For “astroturf,” hint: it’s fake “grassroots.” Via Les Walgreen on fb.

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