Walking the dogs, dreaming the universe

Walking the dogs this morning, I was reflecting on how my decades-long felt immersion into the seeming paradox of both full-on living oneness and infinitely proliferating complexity has held me surrendered to its unending implications. And how, inside this vast, ever-expanding, multidimensional atmosphere, I continuously behold others with whom I live and move and have my being as each a profound, potent miracle, a tiny seed of enormous capacity squeezed into a material body that, depending upon the “age of the soul,” more or less deftly maneuvers through or blindly crashes into other material bodies over a lifetime. Compassion floods me as I notice, once again, how old souls have it easier, suffer less grievously, despite having to identify and work through situations so exquisitely complex and multidimensional that a young soul couldn’t even recognize their existence.

For if young souls tend to want to “figure things out,” and to come up with a version of reality in their minds that sticks, that’s certain, hopefully logically justified, “true” (and in the past 300 years, what we call “scientific”), then old souls are quite used to the fact that their view of the world both within and without is continuously expanding and deepening, so that no final “framework” is possible, nor is it needed. Unlike the soul who must hold on to what it “knows” in order to feel safe in what appears as an unpredictable world full of conflict and separation, older souls have learned over lifetimes to remain centered and grounded while exploring the furthest reaches of the imagination that holds all of life in its loving embrace.

All this while walking the dogs. Then, when I returned, synchronicity struck again, in the form of a Scientific American article uploaded to the Green Acres Village private facebook page by my podmate Solan.

Now I don’t read Scientific American anymore, despite that, in the 1960s, this magazine introduced me to the concept of two brains, left and right, loaded inside each of our skulls, one for logical thinking, the other for ¬†spatial visioning. Like everyone in this culture, I had been programmed to identify (left brained) I.Q. as the measure of ¬†“intelligence.” That article (I can no longer locate it) instantly plummeted me into what I would call now, the primacy of the right brain, where mechanical left brain logic (which aims at mapping the outer world with certainty) functions as but a tool to serve right brain imagination, which itself is centered in the heart and communes with the cosmos.

Here’s the piece Solan found:

What Would Happen If Everyone Truly Believed Everything Is One?

And here’s a larger, more delicious and fruitful version of the same that, rather than attempting to “justify” its findings with “scientific methodology,” focuses more poetically on the mysterious living conscious complexity of our home planet, and could easily swell to include the entire cosmos and dimensions beyond and within.

Charles Eisenstein: Initiation into a Living Planet

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7 Responses to Walking the dogs, dreaming the universe

  1. me says:

    ugghhh…you had me Anne until the picture of the round ball earth. further conditioning.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      You’re a flat earther? If so, is that not also an assumption?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Antony/Tony just tried to answer “me” but was unable to post. He emailed me instead and I will put it up for him:

      “There are many theoretical physicists who believe that we live in a holographic matrix. Of course, one of the characteristics of a hologram is that you can cut it into many smaller pieces, yet each piece contains the information of the whole. So it makes sense that “everything is one”, and there is even scientific proof that it may be the case (e.g. “spooky action at a distance”).

      So: if the above is true, we could be said to be living in a massive computer program, which would mean that we are nothing more than 3-dimensional projections of 2-dimensional objects – which, if true, could be taken as “proof” that the universe is “flat”.

      But of course as we are currently immersed in the “illusion”, from our perspective the 3-D world is real and is NOT flat according to our senses, and that’s what I’m sticking to!!

      Anyway, that’s one theory! Let me know if you ever want to discuss your ideas on the nature of existence; I’ve got some interesting theories to share too, and some really good pot!!”

    • me says:

      i detest labels and am simply a man. a sovereign, critical thinking-engaged & awakened consciousness with 50 years of life experience and three children reared. i am an architect, artist, inventor, passionate student of nature and philosopher.
      do you always defer to Tony on issues you do not want to discuss? see, THAT was an assumption. an assumption to my understanding is, an idea that is formed without evidence…kind’ve like a theory. kind’ve like gravity.

      your/Tony’s reply misses the point. the essence of flat earth is not about the nature/fabric of this reality or our ‘universe’. it is not about quantum mechanics, fractal geometry, slit experiments or simulations (holographic or otherwise). flat does not mean literal topography-it simply means there is NO ball, no detectable curve…that we are not on a spinning ball hurtling thru space at nearly a million miles per hour chasing the sun thru the milky way as were indoctrinated to beLIEve as children.
      take your scientism hat off for a moment and understand this….you, me our children, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, most everyone back 500 years have been LIED to about the very place we live. Until 200 years ago most civilizations KNEW we lived on a flat plane; (Norse, Egyptian, Navajo, Myan, Incan, Greek, etc). let go of western scientism, NASA lies and your own indoctrination for a moment and look at cosmolgy and zetetic astronomy.

      i know this movement is real because of several things:
      -how much flack it is receiving from all sides right now.
      -ad hominem comments and insults (good pot WTF?) does not make your point any more true or untrue. that is simple deductive logic.
      you mentioned assumptions and proof(s) here are 200:

      • Ann Kreilkamp says:

        Why are you so reactive on this issue? No need to respond, I just do wonder. P.S. I realize we are not going to change each other’s minds. So why pursue it? I didn’t “defer to Tony.” I just put his comment up since he was blocked from doing so.

  2. me says:

    nevermind. best of luck to you.

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