Trees teach us how to live

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As each of us begins the profound work of reflecting upon what we alone — given our skills, talents, and life experience — can bring to all our relations with both humans and the natural world, we can learn from the trees just how to do it.


The Songs of Trees: A Biologist’s Lyrical Ode to How Relationships Weave the Fabric of Life

“This dissolution of individuality into relationship is how the ceibo and all its community survive the rigors of the forest. Where the art of war is so supremely well developed, survival paradoxically involves surrender, giving up the self in a union with alliesl . . .The forest is not a collection of entities… it is a place entirely made from strands of relationship.”

I think about this now, as I embark upon the latest evolutionary shift in relationship with my own six surviving siblings, choosing now, to speak with two of them, separately, on a weekly basis. What can we learn from each other? What do we have to teach each other? What is our common purpose now, as individuals, as a blood family, as our larger human family, when the so-called “civilized” world seems to be falling apart at the seams.

Above all, as we aim to remain centered and grounded during this chaotic time, let us remember: “There’s a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.”

BTW: just because we are here to be in relationship, doesn’t mean that we lose our unique individuality. Check out stunning variations in different species’ tree bark:

The Mesmerizing Microscopy of Trees: Otherworldly Images Revealing the Cellular Structure of Wood Specimens

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