My ambivalent reflections on Pastor Brunson blessing President Trump

Something I have not discussed here, is the invocation of Christ, Jesus, God, and so on, all Christian names, in so many many of the alternative media whose videos and intelligence I respect and admire. These include Liz Crokin and others whom I can’t recall right now; plus, the very name “Praying Medic” and of course, Mark Taylor and his “Messages from God” fit this bill. Again, while I appreciate the content of each of these people’s views very much, I remain puzzled by the need to invoke a specific version of a “higher authority” in order to justify what is said and/or to explain the sense of protection felt.

What about all the other religions? Even better: What about spirituality without religion, even beyond language? In short, what we know as “the ineffable.” I too, know intuitively that there is a spiritual dimension to my being, and am utterly comfortable invoking and appreciating invisible guides and other beings from higher dimensions for their wisdom and protection, but I’m not in the least bit tempted to call anybody “up there” Christ, Jesus, God, and so on. To me, it’s an insult to my hopefully open-minded intelligence that I would favor Christian over Muslim or Jewish or Sufi, or Native American, or Paganism, or Buddhist, or Hindu.

But then today, we have the remarkable occasion of a blessing by Christian Pastor Brunson, just released from a Turkish prison and in the White House, praying for and over President Trump, with mainstream media looking on. I guess I’ll just give this incident a pass, since both men were so obviously sincere, in both giving and receiving.

When Pastor Brunson asked if he could give him a blessing, Trump responded, “Well I need it probably more than anybody in history.” I dare anyone to dispute that comment, to say that it was crazy, or exaggerated. Standing tall in the direct eye of a continuous storm of impeachment, coups, treachery, and threats of assasination, this large-hearted colossus is putting his life and the life of his entire family on the line for all human beings.

Now, as I’ve repeated many times, if only we could somehow entice Trump to take mushrooms and walk barefoot in the forest! Then he might open even further, and include all of Nature in his large embrace as well. But, did you notice this?

Trump Signs Oceans Plastic Pollution Law 

Okay, that’s what Trump’s doing. Now what is each of us doing? No saviors, not even Trump or Jesus Christ. Just us, folks. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


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