Remember the song? “Two different worlds, we live in, two different worlds . . .”

That song referred to two different individuals; but what if we scale up to two different world-views and value systems, existing side by side in the same 3-D space? I feel it here, even in Green Acres Permaculture Village, where podmates must “go to work” in the world for “money” in order to survive, and the conscious values of sharing and cooperation jostle subtly with the programmed values of dominance and competition.

These two different worlds are, you guessed it, those of WAR and PEACE.

With this in mind, please pay close attention to the following:

The only way Donald Trump can truly put America first

This post makes a lot of sense, to wit: Stop the incessant militarism! It’s the “wrong lens” through which to view the world.

I would like add to this analysis by reiterating a Paul Tillich quote from a post two days ago, regarding corruption in the institution of the Catholic Church.

“all institutions, including the church, are inherently demonic  . . . To extend their lives when confronted with collapse, [institutions] will swiftly betray the stances that ostensibly define them. Only individual men and women have the strength to hold fast to virtue when faced with the threat of death. And decaying institutions, including the church, when consumed by fear, swiftly push those endowed with this moral courage and radicalism from their ranks, rendering themselves obsolete.”

The American Military is also an “institution,” indeed, perhaps the most cancerous institution to mushroom up in the 20th century. Even now, way few of us realize that the U.S. military not only takes up at least 60% of the economy, but that it actually drives the economy. “We” have at least 800 bases in 70 countries across the world (many of the smaller ones there as outposts in the trafficking of guns, blood, organs, money, and children). Inside the U.S. there are about 500 (declassified, with who knows how many classified) military bases or military-allied companies, existing as a chronic, malignant, erupting, vicious RASH. See this map, and list.

And that’s just on the surface of the earth. What about below?

D.U.M.B. and Dumber: Deep Underground Military Bases

Locally, I have often pointed to the unholy alliance between nearby Naval Surface Warfare  Center and Indiana University.

Google “NSWC Crane and Indiana University.” These “agreements” and “partnerships” come up immediately:




Our entire economy is infected with the virulent militarist virus, including video games and toys.

Meanwhile, let us celebrate efforts like this one:

Musicians for World Harmony

Truly, we live now in the in-between, as jotted down in my notes about a year ago.

It’s important to keep this in mind, this dynamic contradiction between the old values and the new that lives not only around us, but inside us, as we continue to birth a new/old regenerative culture from the old rotting capitalist order.

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3 Responses to Remember the song? “Two different worlds, we live in, two different worlds . . .”

  1. Yes, that’s probably my biggest concern with all the Q material. It’s military. I understand fighting for the Constitution and that military intelligence and generals’ strategy may be one of the only ways (the only one? not sure) of taking down the Deep State. I just have a difficult time believing that it will become all swords to plowshares once that’s done. If they’ve justified mass surveillance and military tribunals as necessary to taking down corrupt people in power, then do mass surveillance and military tribunals become the norm? Are they “preventative”? Do we continue to live in the movie The Circle? Or do the Constitutionalist’s unwind the surveillance state once things re-balance?

    And what about the environment? I did find this encouraging:

    I guess we shall see …

  2. TurtleTurtle says:

    Perhaps one of the most ‘lost’ bits of info on the military is that it began as our Territorial arm of government. They were destined to make an accord with the British who basically held the high seas hostage, and in order for us to trade internationally, we made such an agreement. Of course, the British crown did not honor their part of the agreement and slowly and insidiously began to infest the Territorial government. They did this with the Municipal government too, but that is another story. Even more little known is that after WWII, the Army actually took over the court and justice system. Hence, the BAR attorneys who swear allegiance to the crown and the judges who were little more than bill collectors. From there, the system that they created with mass surveillance and constant War on this or that, means that we have stayed in constant strife and war, as dictated by the British crown. We as a Country, have all been Human Trafficked to the British Crown since the inception of the Birth Certificate. Knowing this, it becomes imperative to also realize that a ‘normal’ man or woman could not take this system down. This plan has been in operation for at least 57 years. The ‘good’ military will take down the Cabal and their rich wealth of toys before they can begin a WWIII. The Queen has already surrendered and agreed to pay just based on BAR damages, over 17 Trillion dollars, and that number continues to grow as the courts continue to operate. This is why the President is appointing Federalist judges like mad. Literally Hundreds. Once the black hats are removed, the human trafficking of Americans will stop; our assets will be restored to the jurisdiction of the land where they belong (not the jurisdiction of the air where the Pope dictates the Cannon Law), the IRS, which is a private Rothschild corporation will be disbanded, our Municipal government will return to being funded by tariffs and the FED will be dissolved, whereby the local banks will be nationalized. Surveillance will continue only to identify mischief and protect Americans. This will actually take a number of years to accomplish, although things are happening quickly. Only 35-40% of the real events will be shared with the public. If you want to read more about how Americans were morphed from a Republic to a stated Demon-cracy, read You Know Something is Wrong When…by Anna Von Reitz. Every home should have a copy and all our children need to read and understand it. Ann, you don’t have to post this, but thought you might enjoy more. The more you know, the clearer things become, and the more hope can lift us up out of this matrix. Blessings.

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