WHAT’S REAL? IT DEPENDS. The differential between MSM “news” and Nature (including our nature).

Monarch butterfly graces the main Green Acres Village Garden, photo by podmate Solan, sent today. Thanks!



Oh yeah, and while “Monarch” is also the name of a MK Ultra mind control program, we are talking about the real butterfly here, okay? The one that lives on underneath human linguistic, political, cultural, theological SPIN on what Nature is really doing. Yes, below all the material, monetary, linguistic, political, cultural and theological garbage we throw at her, Nature continues to support us all, selflessly, flawlessly, and with exceeding generosity.

But, since it is a butterfly featured, let’s also focus on the symbolic meaning, that of TRANSFORMATION. Remember: the lowly caterpillar constructs its own shell, and then, while inside it the mysterious life force melts its existing worm-like form down completely, so that it may soon re-emerge in the new form of a beautiful butterfly.

Meanwhile, MSM “news” continues its attempts to skew our attention in only a certain direction. The so-called news has gotten so outrageously out of kilter that very few of us are paying attention anymore. Just read this morning, that 92% of all MSM coverage of Trump has been negative. Surprised?

Meanwhile, the Pope himself seems to be melting down. Can you believe? Have we returned to the Middle Ages?

Pope Francis: Divisive Devil Responsible for Catholic Pedophile Epidemic

When I mentioned the above post to a friend of mine who works within the Catholic church, he responded:

As for the Pope and the devil etc., that is such bullshit – once again suggesting that ‘oh, gosh its not my fault the devil made me do it!! Feel sorry for me ’cause it really wasn’t me that abused you, it was the devil’  I can’t stand it perhaps as Paul Tillich says, “all institutions, including the church, are inherently demonic.” That “Institutions, he warned, to extend their lives when confronted with collapse, will swiftly betray the stances that ostensibly define them. Only individual men and women have the strength to hold fast to virtue when faced with the threat of death. And decaying institutions, including the church, when consumed by fear, swiftly push those endowed with this moral courage and radicalism from their ranks, rendering themselves obsolete.”


What’s really important about these increasingly chaotic times is that we realize we are all highly energized and must find ways to creatively utilize this energy. Like the caterpiller, we are both individually and collectively inside a deep dark place, feeling the life force erupt and move through us, and, especially if we are conscious of these energies that various nefarious forces, including the “news” and our own conditioning, utilize to drive us to project upon others what is actually going on inside ourselves, then we too, can utilize these extraordinary life force energies instead to TRANSFORM whatever remains of the nastiness that has emerged over the last who knows how many decades or centuries, and threatens to destroy not only this country, but the global civilization altogether.

So yeah, let’s put it, importantly, but drily, given the enormous stakes: we seek transformation of our existing body politic/cultural/etc., nothing less. We seek to use the enormous forces erupting within us to melt down the climaxing venality that has infected the body politic for so long. Ultimately, as we navigate through the proliferating Mad Max scenarios dreamed up by those who would kill us off, we will push them all aside to realize and celebrate: WE are the BUTTERFLY.

So, while I do plan to return in this blog to other areas of interest, it seems to me that there is nothing more important now than continuing to counter so-called “news” sources that, by focusing solely or primarily on supposed “rage,” continue to fuel it. I include here twitter, which though I use as a news source, I’m also well aware of the mean tone that infects its atmosphere.

All that said, here is a welcome post, first sent to me by long-time reader and commenter Antony/Tony, who if you recall, I met with personally in California while atttending the Permaculture Convergence.

Most of America not participating in the hysterical rage you see on the news


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