(Always) Ten years left to save the planet

I found this video hilarious. Not that I be-LIE-ve Tony Heller, because on this matter, I have no idea what to believe. And I can’t imagine you do either. After all, is the map ever the territory?

The New York Times keeps thinking so. Here’s the latest, from two days ago:

Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040

(Oops! Not ten years this time, but twenty!)

Frankly, I relish Heller’s tongue-in-cheek delivery. And notice, as he points out, the source of the fluctuating predictions — for both global warming and global cooling — is usually(?) . . drum roll . . . the U.N.! (And Agenda 21. And Agenda 30).

Via sott.net.


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