Paris Tosen: “Why do you need an excuse? If you see a need, fill it. If it moves you, move into it.”

The following facebook post synchronously echoes what I’ve been putting up today and yesterday in response to the Kavanaugh Imbroglio. Only I beg to differ with Paris Tosen. For we CAN “save the world.” And just by doing what he’s talking about. Each of us, filling up with the life energy that courses through all of nature, naturally expresses our own unique and bountiful nature into the world. In this infused state, we cannot help but notice others who are suffering, in need, and we cannot help but reach out to help. For that is who we are, underneath all the programming “they” tried to instill into us; we are caring, compassionate souls, our hearts beating in concert with each other, connected, attuned, and willing.

Yes, Just be here, now, and notice: someone or some situation in your own local horizon, is calling to you, magnetizing you. As we connect with others, without expectation or agenda, but simply with love in our bursting hearts, we remake our world in the image of the divine, which it has been, all along, underneath all the mental stuff that we were taught to smear upon it, assuming either that it’s ours for the taking, or that we’re not good enough, smart enough, or rich enough, to take it!

Forget that grasping attitude. Instead, recognize that each of us, infused with the miracle of life, our quivering, eager bodies standing centered, grounded, linking heaven and earth, our arms reaching out, is deeply engaged in the messy, often confusing third dimensional melee. No matter how foolish we sometimes feel, let us brush fear aside and open — OPEN! — to the universe, ready, willing, and able to be of service wherever needed NOW.

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  1. Anthony says:

    More synchronicity!

    LOVED what you wrote! And it’s catching, as this article completely mirrors your recent experiences and tone regarding the underlying kindness of people:

    Most people I know have been so overwhelmed with all the bizarre, negative news that they are tired of it and don’t pay much attention to it any more. Their beliefs may still be radically different, but underneath it all, they just want the freedom to LIVE without BS weighing them down again.

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