Let us disengage from “wrap-up smears” and — let us, each of us, work to transform the entire zeitgeist

If you wonder just how mainstream media operates as the main propaganda arm of deep state machinations, check this out: Seething Frog decodes Nancy Pelosi’s remarks last year that were referenced recently by Qanon.

Gradually, little by little, more and more of us begin to wake up to how we’ve been collectively and massively conned.

My own jump into the maelstrom of alt-media on the internet began once I stopped my subscription to the print edition of the New York Times. That was back towards the end of 2010. By the end of January 2011 I had launched this blog, in part to help me “figure out what’s going on.” Seven years later, I realize that there is no way to know “what’s going on” — as if there were one single narrative thread that “connects all the dots.”

To me, this is the real danger of Q: he asks us to figure out what IS the single overarching narrative thread. As if there is one!

But what if everything’s going on all at once! What if whatever can be imagined, has or will probably “come true” somewhere, sometime, by someone? What if there’s no such thing as a “linear chain of cause and effect,” because everything that can be imagined is located in the exact center of an infinite and expanding universe, connected to everything that is, was, and is becoming, both close at hand and far away?

And yet, of course, there is an overall invisible zeitgeist, and we can FEEL it: a certain frequency field that tends to hold everyone inside it as it slowly mutates over time. And we all cannot help but sense that the zeitgeist, now, is charged with violence, hatred, lies, corruption, cover-ups, destruction, murder, in short, sociopathy, on just about every scale.

But we don’t have to participate in any of that. And indeed, most of us don’t! I don’t know about you, but my meetings in daily life with others out in public are just about unfailingly respectful. People in cars around here even pause so that others can turn left in front of them. All this, despite the MSM that tells us of ongoing horrors. As my then newspaper editor husband told me, way back in 1976, when I asked him why the paper doesn’t focus on good news rather than bad news, “Bad news sells.”

And so again, we don’t need to participate in the bad news. Instead, we can, each of us, create our own reality, and invite others into it. Many of us do this already. Others are getting ready. Still others wonder what’s still stopping them, beyond the exegencies of “needing money” to cover ongoing expenses.

Money, of course, is the currency of the matrix. See through the matrix! Recognize its illusory quality. Live below money as far as possible. Open up time for your self, your real self. Connect with your body. Connect, in your body, with nature! Allow nature to nourish you, so that you fill to overflowing. Then express yourself! The more each of us expresses his or her beautiful, unique nature fully into the world, the more we transform the tone, temperature, and poisoned atmosphere of extreme polarization that has had us all caught in smaller and smaller cages for far too long.

Meanwhile, it’s critically important that we learn to deconstruct the ways we have been mind-controlled to be-LIE-ve FAKE NEWS, like the “wrap-up smears” broadcast on MSM megaphones.

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3 Responses to Let us disengage from “wrap-up smears” and — let us, each of us, work to transform the entire zeitgeist

  1. Sort of a “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” approach to life for children and adults?

  2. TurtleTurtle says:

    As to Q, might I suggest that ”they” don’t really talk about an over-arching single theme, but frequently define it as a ‘web’. To me, that means that if there is an over-arching thing, it is simply that everything is connected. Nothing more. Nothing less. All life is connected, all energy is, all vibration and resonance are a field of energy that encompasses all. As the service to self energy collapses we are seeing the chaos that is the finite portion of the linear energy as it dissolves in the mayhem of how it was created. We are so close to ascension it boggles the mind! Love your blog! Blessings.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Okay! On the other hand, there are webs within webs within webs. A map is never identical with the territory it aims to cover. And yet, we cannot help but attempt to construct maps, at least in our minds, so we can pretend to know how to navigate!

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