Post-Kavanaugh Imbroglio: Whence the “body politic?” The choice is critical. It is OURS.

The time is now. The key is action: put passion to work for the common good.

Listen, as Vice-President Pence launched the historic vote to confirm new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh: Hysterical female screeches from the gallery.

From my Kavanaugh Imbroglio post October 5th, only two days ago:

Meanwhile, I just realized this morning that Venus turned to go retrograde today at 10° Scorpio, and did so in a near square to Mars, now at 8° Aquarius, pressing towards exactness with Rx Venus between now and October 12. Venus itself starts out in Scorpio and then slides back to 28° Libra, turning to go direct on November 27th.

Meanwhile, only three days past Venus turning to go retrograde, we will have the October 8th New Moon in Libra. Both Scorpio and Libra focus on one-to-one relationships. Mars rules Scorpio and Venus rules Libra. Mars/Venus: male/female wars.

Thus, between now, October 6th, and October 12th, crowd-stirring Mars in Aquarius will square passionate revenge-seeking Venus in Scorpio to massively promote the “political correctness” of “Me too,” on steroids. Yuck. And to think that I used to be a “feminist”!


Yesterday’s confirmation vote began at precisely 3:45 PM, when the cloture on the FBI investigation ran out. War-like Mars was just beginning to cross over the Ascendant (that which shows to the world). Passionate, normally large-hearted Jupiter in Scorpio, followed by passionate and aggrieved Venus in Scorpio, which remember, squares Mars through October 12th, was about to cross the the Midheaven (the path).

(In assessing any chart, I first look for planets in or near both Ascendant and Midheaven. This will show “what’s up,” what, of the entire configuration, will be expressed externally.)



Thus, the chief feature I had identified in that Venus Retrograde chart was emphasized as the roll call began, and punctuated, by those furious, hysterical screams.

But the story doesn’t end here. Most likely, Christine Blasey Ford, and her million dollar Go Fund Me bribe(?), will be thrown under the bus immediately, especially if the FBI next probes into the truth of her testimony. Ford symbolizes  weaponized Venus in Scorpio, spinning a grievous sexual power-over tale hidden until now. But weaponized Mars in Aquarius (symbolized, here as the rage-ful Democratic Party) doesn’t just stop there. It will, and is already beginning, to throw her under the bus. The ruse didn’t work. Ford will not pursue her “case” against Kavanaugh.  On to the next pretend drama.

But let’s not stop here. Let’s notice, truly notice, what has been, and continues to be, happening to the “body politic” in this country. Clif High ascribes the unusual and sustained collective emotional volatility to incoming cosmic energies, driving everybody crazy. He says it’s best stay away from crowds, perhaps even for the next several years!

Many “leftists” say that Trump is the “cause” of it all. That his habit of speaking exactly what he seems to be thinking, and calling people names — “Crooked Hillary,” etc. — has ruined civic discourse in this country. And that may well be true. Or it may be that he functions as the courageous/foolhardy point of the spear that has been thrust into the side of a bloated, bloviating “body politic” that has been pretending civil discourse while hiding strong, polarized feelings under a blather of “civilized” language, for far too long.

Coreys Digs has an interesting post on this phenomenon, and commends Brett Kavanaugh for his authentic emotional eruption in the face of what he claims are unwarranted allegations.

Kavanaugh’s Temperament Creates A Powerful Ripple Effect

Of course, Democrats claimed that Kavanaugh showed that he can’t be trusted, since he got emotional rather than pretending to be rational in the face of the attempted ruination of his character, family, and career.

I’d rather put this entire imbroglio in a larger context, and say that Clif High is right, and  that whatever the “cause,” all of us are, and have been, feeling strong eruptive energies that have activated long buried feelings within our heretofore largely unnoticed and/or unmentionable, emotional bodies. The price of “civilized” behavior has been far too high; we cannot go on pretending to be nice for ever. Yes. The “body politic” has been activated at a deeper level; and it is PISSED.

Here’s something we can do, and I ask myself and my readers to practice this meditation over the next five days, during the time when Venus and Mars screech into and through the grating friction of their exact 90° square: let us notice — become aware of, without reacting to — our strong buried, and emergent feelings (Venus in Scorpio); let us notice — become aware of, without reacting to — how our left-brained mental, ideological identification with a particular group (Mars in Aquarius) polarizes, blinds us to the concerns of all Others, whoever they may be, turning them into The Enemy; and let us notice — become aware of, without reacting to — how our powerful emergent feelings are being corralled and weaponized by media to buttress whatever group we identify with, or its opposite.

Without such awareness, the result will be chaos.

With such awareness, we can transform failed left-brained rationality into right/left (whole) brained, FULL-HEARTED, courageous action right where we live, in our own relatively local sphere of influence. The time for watching and critiquing, sitting in our chairs, pretending or aiming to be know-it-alls, is over. We must now show up, for whatever calls our attention, bearing our own unique skills and experience,  and utilizing this magnificent emerging passion to benefit the common good. If each of us does this, now, and continues for the forseeable future, to show up, to ACT, then the world will begin to change, and we will all have participated, with graciousness and equanimity, in a miraculous transformation of what may be the most tumultuous and dangerous period in all of human history on our beloved mother planet.

I feel for Kavanaugh and his family. I also feel for Christine Blasey Ford. For whether or not either of them be lying or telling the truth, whether or not either of them are mind-controlled by political affiliation and/or in Blasey Ford’s case, by CIA MK Ultra training, both are human beings who have been pummelled by political forces way beyond their control. Like all of us, they both, no matter how “guilty” or “innocent,” deserve con-sideration. Let us go with the stars, as they wheel spaciously through the sky. No one deserves to die or be obliterated so that another may live. All of us, and all of the species who surround and inhabit us, all the bacteria, plants, animals, planets, stars and galaxies, live and breathe here, together, bathed in the same cosmic soup, awake, aware, and utterly beloved.


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