Ford/Kavanaugh Imbroglio: More con-siderations

Please see the comments by both Rose and Laura in response to the last post. Both women are opposed to Kavanaugh, for reasons other than what has been dangled in front of us: possible sexual demands of a drunken teenager 36 years ago.

I too, have been riveted by what was dangled in front of the internet audience, and wondered who was lying, since both Kavanaugh and Ford held opposing “memories” of the supposed event. (And I wondered, in a moment of deliciousness: What if both took a lie detector test, and both were deemed to be “telling the truth”? There goes the veracity of so-called “lie detector” tests!)

Instinctively, in looking at Kavanaugh’s face and behavior on the stand, I felt sorry for him, assuming that he was being unfairly accused by the “Me Too” movement that has been weaponized by the Democrats. Then, in line with my unconsciously either/or attitude, I checked into Ford’s face and behavior, and quickly assumed that she was either lying or mis-remembering; at first, mis-remembering loomed larger in my mind; then lying took over. Again, see last post.

Meanwhile, I paid no attention to Kavanaugh’s past views and opinions. I was tunnelled into the tiny titillating focus that “they” set up for us, told to weigh in on who was telling the truth, rather than wondering if that whole emotional drama was inserted to cover up Kavanaugh’s prior record in his professional life.

Mea culpa!

This morning, I listened to an aim4truth audio on Kavanaugh, where Douglas Gabriel refers to Kavanaugh as a “soy boy,” by which he means that Kavanaugh swings both ways, depending upon his employer at the time. In other words, if this is true, Kavanaugh has no integrity.

Gabriel: “He will do anything you want. He was on both sides of the fence. He has no spine. We have the blackmail on his early life, because he was victimized. And we know that he was clean otherwise, because we know of the traumas. That’s what they do with anyone they put on the list. They know. They’re groomed.”

Commenter Laura put up a Ben Swann video that needs to be seen. Not only did Kavanaugh write parts of the draconian Patriot Act, not only does he apparently condone any amount of government surveillance, but he lied about knowing about waterboarding way back when that was an issue.

Meanwhile, I just realized this morning that Venus turned to go retrograde today at 10° Scorpio, and did so in a near square to Mars, now at 8° Aquarius, pressing towards exactness with Rx Venus between now and October 12. Venus itself starts out in Scorpio and then slides back to 28° Libra, turning to go direct on November 27th.

Meanwhile, only three days past Venus turning to go retrograde, we will have the October 8th New Moon in Libra. Both Scorpio and Libra focus on one-to-one relationships. Mars rules Scorpio and Venus rules Libra. Mars/Venus: male/female wars.

Thus, between now, October 6th, and October 12th, crowd-stirring Mars in Aquarius will square passionate revenge-seeking Venus in Scorpio to massively promote the “political correctness” of “Me too,” on steroids. Yuck. And to think that I used to be a “feminist”!

Here’s the chart for Venus turning.

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4 Responses to Ford/Kavanaugh Imbroglio: More con-siderations

  1. “Opposed” is too strong a word for how I feel about Kavanaugh. I remain curious. Things are not as they’ve been presented, that much is clear. According to the Q drops, “patriots” intend to use Deep State rules, surveillance, and laws in order to take down the Deep State.

    There’s a delicious poetic justice in that, at least on the surface. Where things get creepy is that this whole process creates justification for such invasions of privacy. These infringements have been ongoing at least since 2001, probably much earlier. Is it possible to take down the honey trap, blackmail, collusion system without using these tools? Maybe not. I don’t know. I don’t personally have any kind of security clearance. I just have my intuition and my body as a biofeedback “machine.” To me, it seems like a very high stakes game, but I feel a sense of peace and relief … a sense of things improving, being set to right. I don’t know if that’s just in my own sphere of influence or the much larger collective, but I usually experience very strong micro-macro synchronicities.

    In any case, I do not believe Kavanaugh is an innocent angel, nor do I believe the sexual allegations against him. As someone who experienced sexual harassment and more, and as an intuitive who reads people’s energies for a living, I can say the accusers do not match up with the accusations. This whole thing seems like smoke and mirrors … a mise en abyme … to reveal a particular “truth” as justification for future revelations and actions. While this “truth” may not be technically true, it might serve as an effective placeholder. I don’t tend to look at things from a linear or a black or white perspective.

    It just seems important to Trump and the Q team — whatever their real intentions — for Kavanaugh to agree to the Patriot Act and the idea of military tribunals for traitors. We shall see how this plays out for the average citizen with Smart Phones and no email privacy…….. Are we living in that movie, “The Circle”? Probably. Can we roll it back without a massive EMP? I don’t know. Maybe we just sidestep to a different timeline. Or maybe collective reality shifts in a fundamental way once 9/11 “truth” goes mainstream.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Beautiful. Thanks so much, Laura. I very much appreciate your more nuanced perception than my own and I too, continue to sense that things are “improving,” despite appearances. And I continue to tend to trust Trump, and Q. Basically, I sense that the world will reconfigure itself in the direction that a small, potent percentage of awake people express from within the depths of their own souls into the world around them. Cultural homeopathy.

  2. I love the term cultural homeopathy!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I’ve always seen my own work that way. That’s the role I play. No need to be “famous” to make an impact.

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