The Ford/Kavanaugh Imbroglio: Con-siderations

Here’s the first thing that caught my eye, back in the hotel in Bellingham Washington, at Crones Counsel 26:

I notice that it also caught Kevin Schipp’s eye:

Here’s the latest X-22 Report, which frames the entire imbroglio as a Trumpian 4-D sting operation. True?

In the Uber Kia early yesterday, heading for the SeaTac airport, I asked Paul the driver if he had ever had a rider that he considered dangerous in his two years as an Uber driver. “NO.” He responded. “Just about everybody has been really nice, even wonderful. It’s why I continue to do this; I have conversations with such interesting people.”  We both remarked on how the nastiness being drummed up and pounded out by the national news, simply does not reflect our own day to day experience.

Consider (the word, “con-sider,” means “to go with the stars”) the machinations of politics,  and how they fascinate us as, at times, a particularly brilliant and/or devious, and/or multilayered game that exercises the left brain as we try (and usually fail, if the game is any good) to figure out whodunit, plus why, when, where, and how. Notice also how such mental machinations ultimately fail to satisfy our authentic needs — for clean air and water, nourishing food, adequate shelter, human and interspecies companionship, exploration and creation of both embodied forms and larger and larger frameworks of meaning — all of these activities heading towards, if we continuously center in attunement to our own soul’s call, ecstatic communion with all that is.

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3 Responses to The Ford/Kavanaugh Imbroglio: Con-siderations

  1. rose day says:

    I strongly feel that the ‘sexcapade’ has been a distraction from the REAL issues concerning Brett Kavanaugh . . . questions pertaining to his role in the Investigation of the Death of Vince Foster, the Whitewater Investigation and most importantly for me personally his role as Counsel to Bush II in the formulation of the Patriot Act especially as it relates to wire-tapping of US citizens and discussions regarding public support for the torture of US citizens.

    The following is an encapsulation . . .

    • Yes, I was about to say the same thing, Rose. Was he specially selected because he knows where the proverbial bodies are buried? Was he offered some kind of plea deal like Lindsey Graham obviously was? Some things have never quite added up, but the whole thing feels like optics to demonstrate Deep State plotting and Leftist hysteria. In both areas, this put on quite the reality show drama. I’m curious how the rest of this plays out.

  2. Likely related to all of this:

    If you follow Q info, this is highly relevant since they get their info via NSA and are going the enemy combatant route. Lindsey Graham even questions Kavanaugh about enemy combatants and military tribunals. It makes the Q stuff seem more accurate, but none of this is a victory for people who value privacy. Interesting times!

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