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MORE SIGNS OF THE TIMES: — and timing is everything!

I fly to the west coast on Thursday, September 20, which happens to be the date for which the much anticipated Test for the Presidential Emergency Alert was originally planned. And of course, even though I tend to think all … Continue reading

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SIGNS OF THE TIMES: Nuke plant threatened?, Solar observatory reopens? Kavanaugh bad blood? and best of all: General Flynn, on the Q-army

North Carolina nuclear power plant declares “unusual event” following storm, “hot shutdown” Aliens or solar flare? Questions remain as Sunspot Observatory Partially Re-Opens Bad Blood: Judge Kavanaugh’s Mother Foreclosed on Far Left Accuser’s Parents’ Home

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Mathew’s Message for September 15, 2018

I used to repost Mathew’s Messages, but then I stopped. Though I still read them — channeled by the spirit of deceased Mathew through his mother Suzy — this is the first one that I feel like reposting in at … Continue reading

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SIGNS OF THE TIMES: Actual Arrests? “I saw you”? Obama terrified?

If so, then the swamp really is being drained, just not within our view. Video via Reader Rose. BTW: If you didn’t see this next video, then do. At the endless McCain funeral, Huma Abedin exchanges hugs (and what else?) … Continue reading

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Linda Moulton Howe, on the Solar Observatory Shut-Down

BTW: She claims that it is NOT true that six other solar observatories across the world were shut down. Says that this is the only one; but the reason or reasons why remain mysterious.

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A.K. Reader: “This Piece Began . . .” (1972)

In 1972-73 I was hired as a “professor” in the then fledgling year-old New College of California, located at that time, in Sausalito. (It moved to San Francisco the following year, and finally closed, after a tumultuous 37 years, in … Continue reading

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Not One, but Three Big Distractions from the Possibly Climactic Political Drama

As if Furious Florence, now degraded to a Cat 1 storm, but even so, still threatening to unleash the poisons from east coast nuclear facilities and/or hog swamps, if that horrific prospect weren’t enough to knock off the collective radar … Continue reading

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Martin Geddes, on the “tech and media omnicapolypse”: “BUCKLE UP! THE STORM IS NEAR.”

Praying medic, X22 Report, SGT Report,, and other alt sources I am intuitively drawn to all appear to be saying the same thing. It’s not just Furious Florence, folks. Even that stormy distraction won’t work. We’re on to … Continue reading

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