Autumn Equinox: Let us balance ourselves, as we head into darkness

Autumn Equinox, when the day and the night pause, for one brief and shining moment, as equals, before Sun, for the next three months, in the northern hemisphere, continues to rise later and later and further and further south in the eastern sky and then, in the evening, set earlier and earlier and further and further south in the western sky. The increasing darkness comes, on little cat feet, and catches us unawares. I had no idea my own shadow was so large, so monumental!

What can I do? If ever there was a time when balance between two “opposing” forces was required, it is now. Now, when this country is so divided as to be nearly fatally split in two, with then each wing itself splitting in two, and so forth, a forever fracturing into miniscule bits and pieces that leaves us all stunned. That people in the public eye should be so mean to one another! That people in private should find themselves fighting, arguing, and/or slinking off in despair, pretending it’s not happening, no it’s not, it’s not, it can’t be, can it?

Once again, I’m astonished at how President Trump continues to either absorb or deflect (which is it? I have no idea!) all the negativity that comes at him while appearing to stick steadfastly to the Q plan of most likely seasoned military intelligence which, astonishingly enough, seems to have given us a clue way back in April as to when the long awaited FISA Declassification MOAB would be unleashed, yes on Emmy awards night, a “red carpet” night, a “carpet bomb” which, of course, wouldn’t you know, was timed to happen on September 17th: “Q” — the 17th letter of the alphabet.

And amidst all the horrific furor that of course has erupted since this announcement, check out President Trump’s instant, full-hearted generousity today with a little boy who asked for a hug.

This man, who so many think is crazy, is to me, more balanced than most. He can take it all in (or deflect it all) while continuing to press forward, inch by inch, into the teeth of this massive revolutionary Storm, bolstered by us, we who refuse the continuous incitements to acrimonious division: WWG1WGA. Yes, let us dismantle the Deep State while we give each other hugs. Both. In balance.

Meanwhile, check out the chart for this Autumn Equinox:


First of all notice that in this chart, Venus at 7° Scorpio, squares Mars at 3° Aquarius and opposes the long-running Uranus in early Taurus. Are we surprised that the balance between male Mars and female Venus is more than unusually fraught, indeed, so wildly out of kilter, and showing up so publically, via the Kavanaugh/accuser drama?

The equinoctal Sun itself happens to be in one of those configurations that I call “Triangles of Continuous Growth” — featuring friction (90°), modified into harmony (120°), through continuous adjustment (150°). This triangle links Sun/Mercury at 0°-1° Libra by harmonious trine to a potent Lilith/Mars/ South Node conjunction at the end of Capricorn and beginning of Aquarius, while that conjunction makes a potent, furious square to Uranus, and Uranus itself asks for subtle continuous adjustments via its inconjunct with Sun/Mercury.

So. Sun/Mercury balancing in Libra, working very well with the courageous, ancient warrior energy of Mars/Lilith/South Node, which itself is pummeling and being pummeled by, earthy, congealed, habit-bound Taurus, activated since early May by Uranus into magma flows, earthquakes, hurricanes and other eruptions, not just telluric but political; and all the while, that Equinoctal Sun/Mercury is balancing, adjusting, working with the ups and downs and ins and outs of whatever comes to pass.

May your Equinox moment powerfully inhabit this potent triangle of continuous growth in your life! Above all, notice the shadow, the mean part of yourself, the part that hates (projects) or fears (introjects) something outside, without realizing that it is inside. Our shadows are inside us, and they are extremely active during this time of balancing; and, given that we are now heading into the shadowy darkness, do not expect enlightenment any time soon! These next three months are apt to be climactic in many ways.

I cannot help but recall what the inner voice told me way back when I was 26 years old and not sure that I could go on, so much had my own shadow erupted: “JUST KEEP GOING. DON’T GET STUCK.”

Yes, let’s just keep going, balancing, absorbing, letting go, moving through and down and out and into whatever darkness arises, because indeed it will, and you can bet that both its nature and implications will be way beyond our wildest imagination.

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5 Responses to Autumn Equinox: Let us balance ourselves, as we head into darkness

  1. Anthony says:

    WOW, powerful stuff!! I do feel very blessed to be able to actually meet you on the equinox. It will be an honor, worth real action while we are together. I’m sure we will find some meaningful way to mark the event, even if it means finding some nearby hill to climb so we can watch the sunset while munching on wilting food stuffs 🙂

    • So glad you two are connecting! Meanwhile, here I sit at O’Hare with mega Grand Trines and sextiles all over my transit chart. Woohoo! Just going with the flow. Wishing you both a wonderful Equinox. Tania and I will probably be mid-ceremony or post-celebration when you connect. 🙂

      • Anthony says:

        It is interesting that both of you – or rather, the three of you (including Tania) will be in or near California at the same time. This state definitely needs whatever balance you gals can deliver here!!

        Enjoy your trip, and I’ll catch you up on the other side. I need to find out where I can move to if this state goes under despite y’all’s best ceremonial efforts!

  2. Alex Simack says:

    Hi Ann, I’m so happy to be reading in your blog again after an absence of several weeks when I did not have a pc except at the library. I’m happy to find you mirroring some of David Wilcock’s very same perceptions which he posted last week. The revolution continues!
    As does my sojourn in this city of Indianapolis. Is it my imagination, or are people in general vibrating at a higher level than I used to observe when I worked here (and stayed during the work week) way back in 2011? Well, I don’t care if it IS my imagination….so there!
    And here I am living full-time in the city again, as I used to during my troubled youth, 50 years ago now. I always used to work in cities, though, in the intervening years, often staying over with friends, and often in dangerous neighborhoods.
    It’s been a dark night of the soul these past few months. But my wife and I, though far apart physically (she’s in Des Moines caring for her very elderly aunt), are reconnecting and coming to insights about our “co-enabling” (a new word for me, and I see it didn’t draw a red squiggly) during our last couple years together in our intentional community.

    The dawn light is just breaking here outside my room in the very park-like neighborhood of Rocky Ripple where I take care of a house right on the river, and I help care for my elderly landlady. A new area for me after so many years of managing and bossing others.

    I’m leaving for a Quaker silent meeting in an hour, out in the countryside near Pendleton, a beautiful small town just north of Indy. I’ve made some new friends with the Quakers, and offered my handyman/painter services to them with their old meeting houses, of which there are several all around Indy.

    Richard Rudd, in his Gene Keys, has a chapter on the dark night of the soul. He calls it “Becoming Human” (the 36th Gene Key, page 281). Its shadow is turbulence, the gift is humanity, and the siddhi (transcendent state) compassion.

    I’ll quote a few words: “Extrapolated to our genetics, the 36th Gene Key represents a part of our chemistry that goads human beings to break through boundaries of experience. At a collective level this is a vital aspect of human survival– to learn what is dangerous and what is not. Evolution in this sense can be viewed in a much wider context. It *uses* us humans as experiential eyes to probe the outer limits of consciousness itself and demands that we look into the darkness, put our fears aside and plunge in regardless. Because of this Shadow, there can be no human life free of emotional turbulence. It is deeply engrained in our myths. The modern phenomenon of the television soap opera is a prime example of our collective recognition of the emotional turmoil all humans have to go through…”

    Astrologically I’m perusing Liz Greene’s “The Astrological Neptune,” and Judy Hall’s “The Hades Moon.”

    Look forward to seeing you again one of these upcoming Thursday evenings.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks for your reflections, Alex. It sounds like you are truly using this dark night of the soul. My favorite definition for “crone,” by the way, is “she who eats her own shadow.”

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