MORE SIGNS OF THE TIMES: — and timing is everything!

I fly to the west coast on Thursday, September 20, which happens to be the date for which the much anticipated Test for the Presidential Emergency Alert was originally planned. And of course, even though I tend to think all will be well, no matter what, I was a bit concerned. I’m gone, and on the road, for two weeks. What will go on meanwhile?

More on my trip tomorrow.

So then, when the test was postponed, from the day I leave to the day I return, I had to laugh. Same issue, a bit of nervousness, despite my all will be well mantra. Only postponed. At least I’ll be turned toward home on that day.

Test of Presidential Emergency Alert Postponed to Oct. 3

Meanwhile, on this day, September 17, 2018, we should have known that Trump would pick Q’s gematria number day to issue the long-anticipated orders to release the FISA docs unredacted. YES!

Statement from the Press Secretary

As Q says, once again, “Do you believe in coincidences?”

Here’s a truepundit analysis.

Trump just dropped the big one on DOJ and FBI: An unprecedented show of muscle from the White House

And finally, in a final example of timing, and the laugh that snorted from me when I came across this on a social media site this morning: Buddha statue makes “white power” hand signal: Yeah, right . . .

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4 Responses to MORE SIGNS OF THE TIMES: — and timing is everything!

  1. clare forrest says:

    well thats interesting clicked the link on the presidential test etc. and was not allowed to read it unless I filled out a survey????????

  2. Bill Chisholm says:

    Presidential Emergency Alert—- as a 17 year veteran of FEMA disaster response and recovery 1983-2000 — I have to call bullshit… My first twelve years with FEMA they had a cadre of on-call Disaster Assistance Employees that were sharp as tack and could actually manage a disaster. Then the technocrats and disaster profiteers took over and FEMA became a bit a disaster, very dis-connected. It became more about money than service.

    I remember after Katrina seeing a news interview with some Salt Lake City fireman. They had been dispatched to do search and rescue, there were still people trapped in their houses. FEMA gave them t-shirts and had them handing out brochures telling people if they needed help to call the 1-800 number. That is how disconnected FEMA had become even back then.

    More worthless technology.

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