Mathew’s Message for September 15, 2018

I used to repost Mathew’s Messages, but then I stopped. Though I still read them — channeled by the spirit of deceased Mathew through his mother Suzy — this is the first one that I feel like reposting in at least two years, maybe more.

I find myself agreeing with everything he says here. Plus, I do think it utterly crucial for us to recognize that without “off-planet” help, the human race would have gone extinct (along with the surface of this planet) decades ago, given the infatuation with  nuclear and other destructive weapons, not to mention nuke plants. Fukushima appeared to be the exception. And Chernobyl. Even in these two cases, however, I have a sense that the damage was mitigated. Also, see the book (and now a film), UFOs and Nukes, by Robert Hastings, who documented the activity of UFOs around nuclear missile bases.

Mathew’s Message, September 15, 2018

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