Linda Moulton Howe, on the Solar Observatory Shut-Down

BTW: She claims that it is NOT true that six other solar observatories across the world were shut down. Says that this is the only one; but the reason or reasons why remain mysterious.

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3 Responses to Linda Moulton Howe, on the Solar Observatory Shut-Down

  1. Anthony says:

    This whole thing really does have people going batty, doesn’t it?! ZH has posted an article on this today:
    (In that article is a link showing that several solar observatories/satellites ARE out of service at the moment.)

    …but the best post of the day is Ben Davidson’s tongue-in-cheek quick video update:

    Nothing to see here folks! Except: a Kreutz-family sun-grazing comet DID hit the sun the other day. And with those daytime Boston fires (and similar ones hit Mexico, plus more California fires) and solar observatories going down simultaneously, I personally thought that something might be up. Too many coincidences for my taste.

    SO much going on, so much chaos and confusion – but maybe that’s the point?! Time to look at what the left hand is doing!!

    I need to drink some tea with valerian root…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yeah, very interesting, your dot-connecting with comets and fires . . . And I did let you know that I got the pucks and the book (which I haven’t read yet!), but I looked up your old comment where you said you were sending pucks and replied there. Again. THANK YOU! BTW: I’M going to be in Hopland CA for the Norcal Permaculture Convergence, giving a presentation on Green Acres Permaculture Village on the morning of September 21. Will stay there Thursday the 20th through Sunday, just in case you want to drive up and meet me there!

      • Anthony says:

        COOL! And a strange coincidence that both you and Laura will be in (or close to) Cal that weekend!

        Hopland is about a three-hour drive from here, and I will have to work until 4 on Friday, but maybe I could head over there that night. I have nephews who live just up the road in Ukiah, so I could see them too. Let me know when you know your schedule. It would be fun to meet up, even if it’s for just a half-hour or so or in a group setting.

        As for the pucks and the book, enjoy! You probably already know the contents of that book. I sent it along because I got it to share with people here, but no one wanted to read it!! But it was quite the red-pill in its time, and if things go sideways soon it’s a great book to break people in to “truth.”

        BTW, the author was a speech writer for former Governor George Wallace, who ran for president in 1972. He was a piece of work – I mean, he’s the guy who tried to keep black students from integrating into an all-white school – but he wasn’t “controlled” like both Nixon and McGovern – both members of the CFR. In fact, he was going to give a speech based on the contents of that book but was shot and paralyzed while he was about to give it.

        Anyway: have a great week, and keep me in the loop! I included my card with my work e-mail there (though I won’t be there until Monday). Take care!

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