Not One, but Three Big Distractions from the Possibly Climactic Political Drama

As if Furious Florence, now degraded to a Cat 1 storm, but even so, still threatening to unleash the poisons from east coast nuclear facilities and/or hog swamps, if that horrific prospect weren’t enough to knock off the collective radar — out of sight, out of mind, “NOTHING TO SEE HERE” — the possible political, cultural, social infrastructure climax of what is claimed to be a carefully thought out plan in the works for years, if not decades, and to which “timing is everything,” see yesterday’s post —

Martin Geddes, on the “tech and media omnicapolypse”: “BUCKLE UP! THE STORM IS NEAR.”

—then, wouldn’t you know! — of course we are now subjected to two more head-swiveling stories, each of them possibly huge and yet unexplained. Even a “consistent” MSM narrative is missing on these. All we have is questions. For example, with the one that sprang up yesterday, the so-called gas explosions in three acjacent Massachusetts towns —



— check how the map of these locations does appear to come eerily close to the map of known pedophile operations there:

And yet, apparently, this strange and possibly momentous event has caused very few injuries and no one has died! Hmmm. . . These facts have raised the curiosity level of Corey Lynn, my favorite new citizen investigator, of

P.S. She doesn’t think it has anything to do with pedophilia. However, she’s already discovered that the the landscape of this event is huge, and started, according to her, way back in June. If you are not on twitter, then do get on it, at least for her posts.

Then, there’s the story, which has been gathering steam over the past week, of the Sunspot Observatory in New Mexico, which closed and has been or is being circled by Black Hawk helicopters. Oooo . . . scary, and you can imagine the kinds of theories being instantly trotted out to “explain” this event.

FBI mum about closing of solar observatory; conspiracy theories fill the silence

And, BTW, I saw somewhere that six more solar observatories around the world have also closed down. WTF? However, I can no longer find the link to that story. Maybe not true. Or maybe it’s been silenced. Or maybe I’m just not a good enough, patient enough sleuth.

Breathe, Ann!



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5 Responses to Not One, but Three Big Distractions from the Possibly Climactic Political Drama

  1. rose day says:

    Ann, in ‘reading’ the photo of the explosion in this piece, I am inclined to agree with Corey Lynn. The broad view indicates significant ‘gentrification’ of the surrounding area and the building in question may have been next on the list.

  2. @coreydigs must be onto something, because it shows her twitter account is suspended. Very suspicious timing!

  3. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    OK, I’ve got two theories about what’s going on re: those fires and the solar observatory shutdown: 1. aliens (!); 2. comets!

    Here’s a link that mentions other observatories being closed, and offers suggestions why:

    Here’s a link to the actual causative event re: the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 – Comet Biela:

    What happened in Boston is most likely human hijinks, but the pattern and simultaneous nature of the fires could also be due to comet plasma.

    p.s. saw you got the package. Hope you enjoy the little “pink pill” I included – that’s a great book to give to people just “waking up!”

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