911: In all four “crash sites,” where were the planes? NO PLANES: EMPTY (rabbit) HOLES


The following website would take me a week to pore through, but intuitively, it already makes sense. Has always made sense. In all four cases of supposed planes hitting the two World Trade Center buildings, the ground in rural Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon, the holes made by the so-called planes were utterly incongruous. Impossible. I just couldn’t believe it. And I was stunned to notice how others did beLIEve it. How they accepted the official narrative lie, repeated over and over and over again on the MSM propaganda machine, and though in shock, suffering forever from PTSD, tried to go on with their lives, as if nothing strange had happened, nothing was wrong, so wrong, that from then on, we Americans have lived in what can only be called an alternate universe.


Speaking of empty holes, we’ve all gone down Alice’s rabbit hole, whether we realize it or not. And as long as we’re still milking the “17” theme, here’s another one to ponder:

17 of the Most Powerful Conversations and Quotes from Alice in Wonderland

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2 Responses to 911: In all four “crash sites,” where were the planes? NO PLANES: EMPTY (rabbit) HOLES

  1. max says:

    Am aware of the various alternative narratives on what happened that day and do not disagree it created an opportunity to further hijack the country. But we have a friend whose brother died on one of the planes that purportedly flew into one of the towers.

    I know there is a vast amount of material out there causing serious questioning of the accepted version of events. The architects etc. So not disputing that. But my friends brother got on a plane in Boston and hasn’t been heard from since.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wow. Thanks, Max. One wonders if that plane went somewhere else and all the people on it killed, just to preserve the narrative. Anything is possible. Specifically, which plane was he on?

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