On the 17th Anniversary of 9/11: Will President Trump step up to his own plate?

Remember “THE STORM,”  which both Trump and Q have been trumpeting, ever since Trump’s statement, “This is the calm before the storm,” back on October 5th, 2017, only a few weeks before Qanon began the cryptic drops which have, by this time, galvanized millions? It’s been over ten months now, and THE STORM is not only here — so be prepared, September is the annual National Preparedness Month (and it seems to have been given unusual importance this year), with this September 20th a test of the National Emergency System — but sure enough, “THE STORM” is not only geopolitical, but has synchronistically tipped into the geophysical: Hurricane Florence, likely engineered to hit precisely the mid-Atlantic of this nation where the swamp lies deepest, and of course, if so, then this storm is aimed and timed  to distract.

Here Comes Flo: Will Geoengineers Hijack Tropical Storm Florence Before Intensifying the Hurricane and Directing it to a Target Coastline?

Note Trump’s tweet about this storm, sent yesterday, can also be interpreted geopolitically. Timing is everything:



Meanwhile, check out this video from 2016, on my twitter feed this morning.

Note, BTW: this “17th” anniversary echoes the 17th letter of the alphabet: Yes. Q.

Trump remarked on it only two hours ago:

Remember that T-shirt Trump received with the number 17?

Come on Donald. Make this singular day one that sings in memory!


What I Don’t Like About Life in Post-9/11 America

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4 Responses to On the 17th Anniversary of 9/11: Will President Trump step up to his own plate?

  1. Max says:

    Or Maybe, it’s just a strong tropical storm . Strengthened by uncharacteristically high water temperatures in the gulf. Scientists who study these things suggest there may be a connection based on looking at past storms.
    You know “feedback”. You guys warm the planet with your waste
    These are the consequences. Actions have consequences.

    Listen to your mother.

    • Anthony says:

      Actually, Ann is probably right about this. Check this out:


      That’s a 750-page senate document from 1978 that outlines the entire history of the project and its international scope up to that time.

      That’s 40 years ago; I wonder how much more they can do today?

      p.s. I personally had material evidence of a covert spraying program as a result of my current job, and I was directly targeted once I tried to share the information. I know this stuff goes on, and once the financial system goes down, you will see more people come out of the woodwork on stuff like this than you would ever believe.

  2. Interesting to look at Florence Nightingale quotes at this time:


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