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Over the past two days, Bloomington Indiana was in the outer fringes of a hurricane, with buffeting winds and rain squalls. I did worry about trees, given the deluge, since once the ground gets soaked, whole trees can uproot in wind. On our walk this morning, the pups and I did see one fir tree uprooted in a densely treed neighborhood.

However, our beautiful little mimosa tree lost a limb.


Or, I should say, I thought it did, until I went outside and looked closer. And closer . . and discovered that the large old maple tree in the yard next door had lost limbs, which fell on the mimosa, and bent it to the ground.


So I pulled the maple limbs off, all the while shuddering: how long before that tree itself keels over, and falls on Dan’s bedroom, the northeast corner of this house?

All of which means I will need to get together with these neighbors, to see if they have plans to take down the tree. It is among the hundreds of maple trees planted in the early ’50s in this neighborhood, and now being harvested, turned into chips, which provide mulch for gardens. I’ve already had to take down the two maple trees in this front yard. Sign up with chipdrop.com, if you would like a load dropped off for your garden!

This tree sits near the property line. Luckily, we are good friends with these neighbors. Boundary issues are front and center here and elsewhere, given the Saturn turning we are all still moving through. However, the fact that Saturn, while it turns, is also trine Uranus, at 2° Taurus, is a good omen. Sudden, unexpected, harmonious changes can flow in, clearing up difficult situations. So count on that, and act on that. Know that all is well.

Meanwhile, trees, blessed trees. If ever there was an appropriate sacred symbol for how the Above meets and blends with the Below, it is the Tree.

Tree is Deeply Rooted in Beliefs and Cultural Traditions of Ancient Peoples across the World


And meanwhile, check out this article. I had heard rumors that rising CO2 is actually helping the planet rather than hurting it a few years back, and had even asked one of my permaculture teachers about it. His response, that it “helps somewhat in the short run, but not really,” or something like that, didn’t sit well with me. But then I just never pursued the question, though it did lodge in my mind. Meanwhile, permaculture advocates storing carbon, in mulch, beds, hugelculture, etc. And while that’s admirable, it may not be the whole story.

I never pursued the question because I was still mind-controlled to beLIEve the whole “global warming” (Agenda 21, Agenda 30 UN, globalist) agenda, of which the terribleness of “rising CO2 levels” is gospel.

Here’s Mike Adams, his take on how rising CO2 levels are regreening the planet.

Science Study: Rising CO2 “miracle” re-greening effects across the planet as global tree cover rapidly EXPANDS


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3 Responses to OUR BELOVED TREES: local, archetypal, global news

  1. “Soft Maples” are notorious for falling down –without warning– once their allotted lifespan is done being allotted; and it looks like that is what you might be dealing with here.

    i witnessed one which fell, without any warning at all, on a clear, windless, summer’s day back in about ’82 of the last millennium; as i recall it had no signs of being rotten, and might even have still been putting out leaves (memory fails on that last point, however).

    if yours is loosing dead limbs (and the mimosa was quite lucky that limb was so small) it is definitely worth taking a very close look at the tree, checking for obvious signs of morbidity: other dead limbs still hanging on, not putting out leaves in season, evident rot around the base, etc.

    safely taking down trees can be the Sport of Kings, expense-wise, esp. in a closely packed neighborhood like yours (the limbs and trunk must have a place to fall, duh, or be taken down in smallish pieces).

    back in the ’70s of the last millennium i worked with a fellow who was an expert at this under-appreciated skill (he’s no longer in the area, however), and i used to know another guy who was amazing and, judging by the way he climbed up a tree and jumped around from limb to limb to attach the necessary ropes (to lower limbs gently and safely), he must have been part monkey; he lived out on the wonderfully-named Greasy Creek –alas, now deceased.

    so, i can’t recommend anyone, but definitely do suggest that you avoid the “profe$$sional” tree services (Asplundh, etc.), unless you feel the irresistible need to be Fleeced, Big Time.

    so, ask around; Word of Mouth works best.


    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks, Chris. Have already talked with the neighbors, citing especially the fact that if the tree does keel over, it would fall on the two northern bedrooms of this house. Lots of large dead limbs on it. Not many leaves left. Etc. They asked me if I would go in on it with them, and I told them if necessary; but I’ve already taken four trees down here when it became necessary . . . she then felt bad for even asking me. Especially concerned for times like now, when rain soaks deep and roots loosen and then big wind. KABOOM.

  2. the 5″ or so rain we just had over the weekend is definitely a factor to be considered; a dead tree with a relatively shallow root system in wet ground dos not make for an auspicious combination.

    as is the possibility that The Trumpster’s “big…and WET” storm (somebody must have “briefed” him on it) about to hit the east coast on Saturday morn might actually be big and WET enough to make it into our fly-over state sometime next week.

    “lots of large dead limbs…not many leaves” confirms the urgency of the Problem.

    ‘course, if it is fully on the neighbor’s property, you might just let it destroy your house, then find a good Junkyard Dog attorney and count on having a few buck$ for your golden years (or being able to add the neighbor’s house to your growing estate, whatever).

    my ’82 memory of that tree falling without any warning at all into the yard next to my little bookstore on Grant St. remains remarkably clear and… memorable.

    now that i do think about it, i believe that it was just a trump, the limbs having been removed previously; so, no wind at all, to even act on just a trump…. the thing was obviously Ready To Go.

    your insomnia won’t protect you –in ’82 there was no sound at all, just the CRASH of it hitting the ground.


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