More on the absurdity of “crazy” Trump

Note: See yesterday’s post.

Reader Rich Buckley pointed me to Steve Pieczenik’s diagnosis of psychiatric malpractice. This video first appeared in January, 2018. While Pieczenik is part of the system that pretends to decide who is who, within the framework of that system, he appears to be correct.  And if it was time to sue last January, then it is now past time to sue. Perhaps some kind of 5D timing is involved? Hmmm. Might Trump sue the entire profession?

Laura Bruno pointed to this article, interesting to me both intrinsically, and especially since it was published in normally neo-liberal Politico! Do I detect a whiff of admiration for the ubermensch?

Trump Has No Fear: “Makes “Nixon look like a cream puff”

Please do read Laura’s comment on yesterday post; she knows both intuitively and experientially exactly whereof I speak, and in her own life, was equally adamant. Laura:

During my recovery from my 1998 brain injury, I got sent to so many psychiatrists and psychologists for evaluations. I’ve taken multiple neuropsyche tests and personality tests, because it was a Workers Comp case that could have led to permanent disability if I hadn’t refused that timeline. It was so interesting (and infuriating) to observe the different angles. Workers Comp wanted to prove me nuts, because then they could deny the medical bills related to the brain injury. Social Security would NOT give permanent disability for a brain injury, but they WOULD for a psychiatric diagnosis, so these two would be arbiters of my access to medical care and money were battling against each other.

In the end, nothing showed any mental illness, but I opted to sidestep them both. My strong Uranus/Saturn trine and 2nd house Pluto (exact trine my Sun and Moon) would endure pretty much anything rather than accept the slavery and limitations of a social security disability pittance or a “crazy” diagnosis. Instead, I went full out “crazy” and have made a successful living as an intuitive, self-employed, working my own way in my own space.

I recognize that same kind of determination and refusal to conform in Trump, and I suspect the Politico article’s right. On some level [Sun nearly conjunct Uranus; Grand Trine Pluto-Eris-Black Moon Lilith] he’s like, “Bring it. I will ENJOY destroying your attempts to trap, confine and disarm me. My Gemini brain loves the workout. I love coming back from the brink of destruction. You wanna see crazy? I am crazy like a fox.” With those Pluto and Uranus aspects, he is very unlikely to quit, and I would say there’s a very high likelihood of him winning on a much bigger playing field and level than most people suspect this is about.

… Just speaking as a Gemini Sun with a Grand Trine involving Pluto, as a strong Uranus in my own chart: he won’t quit, he’s like a cat playing with a mouse, and if he seems like he’s given up, he’s probably gone subterranean, only to pop up in an unexpected but carefully determined time and place. This 25th Amendment angle is going to boomerang big time. Buy stock in popcorn.

Meanwhile, here is deep political insider and elder Paul Craig Roberts, his assessment of the supposedly anonymous Trump admin NYT op-ed:

I know who the “Senior Official” Is Who Wrote the NY Times Op-Ed

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4 Responses to More on the absurdity of “crazy” Trump

  1. Anthony says:

    I want to believe that you and Laura are right, and my own previous take on all of this mirrors yours, but I keep looking at every side of this onion. When I read a well-reasoned article like this:

    …and an even better one like this:

    – I want to keep all avenues open. Just in case…

    Anthony, playing Devil’s advocate as usual.

    p.s. – finally got those orgone pucks. Will send them on once I get some more packaging tape.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Good for you. I’ll go ahead and read the articles you send.

    • I always say I am “cautiously optimistic” because I don’t know where everything is leading. I do, however, know what it feels like to have a 10th house Gemini Sun, Midheaven in Taurus, a strong/activated natal Uranus, a 4th house Lilith in Sagittarius, and a Grand Trine involving Pluto, all of which DJT has, too.

      Per earlier Simpson’s and South Park (I think it was SP) episodes, the agenda likely WAS to crash the economy and blame it on Trump. Who knows if that will happen or not? His Leo Rising and Sagittarius Moon ego may not allow for that, just like Kanye West commented with regard to African Americans: “He wants to be the best President, and in order to be the best President he needs to support the African American community.” … something to that effect. In other words, the massive ego and view of America as an extension of himself may work in America’s favor. We shall see …

      My comment was related to trying to pull a 25th Amendment on him boomeranging back on the Left, whose recent behaviors have been so over the top you cannot even parody them. I’m constantly needing to check if comments or news reports are from the Onion or equivalent, because the levels of projection and lack of self-consciousness have reached such absurd heights. Mostly, I giggle, sometimes LOL quite literally. I don’t look at DJT as a savior … we each need to do our own, local part. I just feel like “If you see something say something” ought to be “if you see something, DO something.” Truly good and amazing things are happening all over the place right now, because individuals and groups are joining together to come up with creative solutions.

      • Ann Kreilkamp says:

        Bingo. And I love the amended motto. The time for just observing is past. Each of us needs to dig in, wherever we are, with whatever we have, both internal and external that can help transform this world.

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