THE LAST STRAW? Psychiatric Coup Guns for Trump

It looks very much like this is the last straw, this continued and now accelerated attempt to call Trump “crazy” and  take him out that way.

Will the American public see through this latest desperate attempt to derail the singular courage of a man who decided (and likely, was chosen to lead the charge, by certain “white hat” groups within the U.S. military) to gift his unusually vast and wide life’s experience to tackle the systematic corruption of a top-down global corporatocracy which to others would be an impossible goal — or die trying?

I do wonder how many people can actually see through this latest ruse by the Deep State to derail the dismantling of that which has held humankind in slavery for so long.

Yes, I truly wonder: How many people in the U.S. now actually realize that psychiatry itself is one very effective “authoritative” arm of the Deep State: an entirely made-up Body of Laws (Lies), the Deep State can use to banish anyone to exile, branding him or her an “Outsider” from “Normality”? The Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Disorders (DSM-5th version) lists 297 separate disorders! Separate little boxes to slice up humanity and condemn them as crazy! I dare you not to categorize yourself into one or more of these damning brands.

But who cares to read the DSM bible and find out, besides psychiatrists looking to “diagnose” their “patients”?

(Or politicians seeking to oust one of their own; or one that refuses to be bought?)

Especially, who reads the psychiatric Bible among those who are currently taking psychiatric medications? Hmmm. Probably none of them. Their brains are scrambled, either up or down or inside out; they’re no longer themselves. Oops! That’s supposedly one in six.

One in Six Americans Takes A Psychiatric Drug

So let’s see. Then, there’s the more general question: How many Americans supposedly “suffer from psychiatric disorders”? I guess that means how many have allowed themselves to be “diagnosed”?

Well, let’s see:

As expected, an even higher percentage than the one in six. Hmmm. let’s see, again. How many Americans can think straight, whether or not they “suffer” from some psychiatrically branded disorder and or take psychiatric meds?

Well, not sure how to look up statistics on “thinking straight,” by which I mean, being highly aware of one’s own right-brain grounded heart/center as one projects the left brain to follow a certain track to a  logical conclusion from recognized assumptions, tracing implication after implication all the way down, or up, or in, or out.

This integrated use of the left/right brain mind is a rare skill.

And given the way our society is still programmed to be-LIE-ve “authoritative” psychiatrists and their pharmaceutical get-rich-quick by dumbing-patients-down sidekicks, not to mention all those who are actively medicated, let’s face it; I’m not optimistic.

In other words, like Jon Rappoport, who has written extensively on the mind-control fostered by psychiatry upon society, plus the utter and complete lack of any clinical test for such; and like other investigators of the CIA’s MK Ultra and how it used (uses?) psychiatrists to achieve its nefarious ends for the purpose of creating trauma-conditioned mind-controlled slaves with any number of split personalities that can be programmed as sex kittens, couriers, assassins, manchurian candidates, and so on — I’m just not all that sure that a good-enough percentage of Americans will see through the barrage of news categorized into this latest, and probably most likely to succeed if anything can, attempt to take Trump down before he drains the swamp within which all the corrupt individuals and agencies and institutions have been sucking the life-blood from society for a very long time.

The New Yorker, a snooty organ of deep state propaganda if ever there was one, is positively gleeful:


For an overview of the current situation, read this:

Rogue-Directed Soft Coup Enters Final Stage


“Deep State knows that Trump cannot be JFKed as the patriot movement is totally on to their incessant false flag attacks and assassinations.  They’re also aware that an impeachment process will lead to a civil war.  Hence, their only way to ‘safely’ remove Trump from office is to engineer a ‘psychiatric discharge’.”

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9 Responses to THE LAST STRAW? Psychiatric Coup Guns for Trump

  1. Here’s the violation of medical rules on psychiatry diagnosis:

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks for this. Will watch. On the other hand, Pieczenik is himself a strange dude, and very much a part of the system that produced “psychiatry” as a mental control mechanism. Will also watch “The Minds of Men,” the new truthstream video.

      • Ann Kreilkamp says:

        Just noticed that the new video is only for rent or sale, so must decide: which? Will I be showing this film to others?

  2. Janice says:

    Ann, Once again, thank you for sharing these articles as well as your opinion and interpretation. The SOTN article was very interesting. I had not heard the story of the psyops on JFK. I hear the word “traitor” being used a lot lately. It is so loaded that I wonder if it should be eliminated from the dictionary!!! NPR ran a story this morning on an annual Patrick Henry the traitor event in Connecticut. It gave me the chills hearing about that.

  3. Rachael Carlson says:

    Re: ‘The New Yorker’ article, I admit to reading and enjoying much of ‘The New Yorker’, but its extraordinarily evocative masthead, with the monocled dandy who first appeared in 1925, the shining city on a hill, and the winking owl leave little doubt about the publication’s….shall we say, ‘core values’?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes. I admit to subscribing to it until just this last time they offered another amazing discount. Why? Because every three or four or six months they would run an amazing long-form article that I hugely enjoyed. Until lately, when most stuff there, long or short-form feels highly politicized. So Boring! OUT!

  4. I sent you this article link last night, but it seems appropriate here:

    During my recovery from my 1998 brain injury, I got sent to so many psychiatrists and psychologists for evaluations. I’ve taken multiple neuropsyche tests and personality tests, because it was a Workers Comp case that could have led to permanent disability if I hadn’t refused that timeline. It was so interesting (and infuriating) to observe the different angles. Workers Comp wanted to prove me nuts, because then they could deny the medical bills related to the brain injury. Social Security would NOT give permanent disability for a brain injury, but they WOULD for a psychiatric diagnosis, so these two would be arbiters of my access to medical care and money were battling against each other.

    In the end, nothing showed any mental illness, but I opted to sidestep them both. My strong Uranus/Saturn trine and 2nd house Pluto (exact trine my Sun and Moon) would endure pretty much anything rather than accept the slavery and limitations of a social security disability pittance or a “crazy” diagnosis. Instead, I went full out “crazy” and have made a successful living as an intuitive, self-employed, working my own way in my own space.

    I recognize that same kind of determination and refusal to conform in Trump, and I suspect the Politico article’s right. On some level [Sun nearly conjunct Uranus; Grand Trine Pluto-Eris-Black Moon Lilith] he’s like, “Bring it. I will ENJOY destroying your attempts to trap, confine and disarm me. My Gemini brain loves the workout. I love coming back from the brink of destruction. You wanna see crazy? I am crazy like a fox.” With those Pluto and Uranus aspects, he is very unlikely to quit, and I would say there’s a very high likelihood of him winning on a much bigger playing field and level than most people suspect this is about.

    … Just speaking as a Gemini Sun with a Grand Trine involving Pluto, as a strong Uranus in my own chart: he won’t quit, he’s like a cat playing with a mouse, and if he seems like he’s given up, he’s probably gone subterranean, only to pop up in an unexpected but carefully determined time and place. This 25th Amendment angle is going to boomerang big time. Buy stock in popcorn.

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