What Bill Binney, the original NSA whistleblower, hath spawned: YES!

Update, early 9/6/18: Just found more on kauilapele’s website. Gives names of new websites.

Whistleblowing has just catapulted to an astonishingly lofty elevation. Check it out:

By this time, if we are at all “woke,” we are aware that the intelligence community was politically weaponized during at least the Obama administration, and probably before that. And now 119 ex-intelligence officials from across the alphabet agency intel spectrum are turning the tables, via a soon to be live open source website that will make possible “EVIDENCE ON DEMAND” for Citizen Investigators — and with a special log-in for the President.

This video needs to be widely shared. It will magnify the research of Spygate investigators exponentially. And, if premier Citizen Investigator Tracy Beanz is correct, this new website will constitute a “crossroads.”

This video of the interview includes Tracy’s commentary. P.S. these two former intel officers were the very first to warn the Trump candidacy, back on November 1, 2016, that his campaign had been infiltrated by spies.

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