Following Mars, Saturn turns to go direct: 7:11 AM EDT tomorrow, September 6

So. If, as Mars turned to go direct on August 27, you started to focus on following through with new plans, concocted or detailed during the two month Mars Rx period — but then, over the past few days, sensed your forward motion slow down to a stop, as details you hadn’t noticed carefully enough, or intersections with other plans stymied your forward motion, or just in general, a feeling of stuckness and near-fatal “seriousness” started to erode the lift in your spirit, take heed. All this week, Saturn, which rules forms, rules, roles, boundaries, structures, and, which has been moving retrograde since mid-April, has been preparing to turn to go direct. Now it will finally do so, early tomorrow morning.

The feeling of being somewhat bogged down may continue for the next few days; but there will definitely be a deeper sense that finally things are starting to clear, and to move, ahead, the way you want them to.

For myself, since Saturn turns at 3° Capricorn, in near-exact conjunction with both natal Venus and Mercury (5-7° Cap) — and near exact square to Neptune/MC, semi-sextile to Mars, inconjunct Pluto, inconjunct Saturn/Uranus, opposite Lilith — with the aspects in this entire massive planetary configuration near exact and by far the most difficult (and thus growth producing) in my chart — I’ve been utterly bogged down in what I would term “boundary” issues: especially living here, in Green Acres Permaculture Village, I have to make it very clear to others that I actually need about 75% alone time!

Since we hold regular Community Dinners Thursday night, and since I blog about community events, it appears as if we’re all just living together here together merrily, when actually, each of us has very definite needs for both community and privacy; and while the proportions between them vary depending on the person, these shifting, and seemingly contradictory needs must be continuously met for each of us. It’s like a dance.

And it gets hairy. It gets really hairy for new people who move in, when they encounter “mean Ann,” or “stern Ann,” who, despite her gracious hosting at events, makes it very clear on a daily basis that “No, I don’t want to talk right now.”

But we’re workin’ on it, as they say. And the good will among us has never been higher.

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  1. Cool! This Saturn direct degree is within just 2 minutes of my 9th house Taurus Part of Fortune. No wonder I’ve been feeling so optimistic … but also, as you know, really assessing how I need to find ways to integrate my Saturn and Capricorn North Node. I see Saturn will be making another direct hit on my North Node in mid-December. Lots of fly by’s on that North Node. Thanks for the reminder.

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