COREYSDIGS.COM: Citizen Investigator shows others how

I found this entire piece —

Hunting the Hunters: Inside the Mind of the Corrupt Elite

— riveting. Not so much because of what the author Corey Lynn reveals (since it has already become nauseatingly clear to me and millions of others), as to her ways of going about telling us what she knows, and how, when, where, why. In this particular essay, which maps the distribution of corruption throughout society, she says, tellingly, make sure you look at, and look at the differences between, “nests” and “webs.”

I wonder, how much of the growing Citizen Investigator movement is inspired by Qanon telling us all to learn to think for ourselves?

Meanwhile, how far we’ve come! Remember Gary Webb, the “suicided” journalist who exposed the CIA’s connection to cocaine trafficking, way back in 1996? At that time, the newspaper he worked for, the San Jose Mercury News, though it wanted to support his findings, due to MSM pressure, was ultimately forced to recant.

Journalist Who Exposed Cocaine Trafficking by the CIA would be 63 today . . .

Now, who needs newspapers? Thanks to the internet, citizen investigators can work on their own and reach the entire world.


“I encourage everyone to do their own digging, use discretion and question everything. Over time you begin to spot the enemy, recognize the symbolism, see their strategies in play, and ultimately be able to quickly assess the liars from the truthers — the illusions from reality. We have been living in an illusion far too long. It is time to become aware and make others aware before it’s too late.”





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