Sister Keri Burnor: “It may be that monasteries are fronts for the CIA which is run by the Jesuits.”

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Sorry to continue, but I simply can’t help but hurtle my awareness deeper and deeper into what may be the central rabbit hole where, it turns out, at bottom it all connects, all of it. At least if Sister Keri is right. And what a whistleblower she is! I don’t know when I’ve ever experienced such a fiery display of fearless courage wedded to meticulous notetaking and papertrailing. Hats off to Keri, and to Kerry, for inviting her, and giving her free rein.

“I used to be a nun on the run. Now I’m a non with a gun — a smoking gun.” Said with the typical insouciant bravado that characterizes this still very young woman who is taking on ALL the powers that try to tromp her, with the help, by the way, of the protection of President Donald Trump.

This video which begins with a very young naive woman’s decision to join the Roman Catholic church in order to become a nun, then segues to a Cistercian monastery in Spencer, Massachusetts where she was fondled by a monk who was supposedly her spiritual advisor, starts off tame enough. Who hasn’t heard of that kind of offense before? Especially lately.

But then her story ramps up, way up. And we’re not just talking institutional coverups of sexual predators. That, believe it or not, is the least of it. Please do take the time to listen to this entire two hour interview where Kerry Cassidy allows her guest’s freewheeling fiery nature to run at its own speed. Can we keep up? Can we absorb the evils she is referencing? Are we all targets?

YES, if Keri is right, yes; via nanotechnology.

Keri’s story, her fearlessness, and her conclusions about who or what is behind all the rot (the CIA, controlled by the Jesuits), remind me of the revelations of Fiona Barnett, an Australian MK Ultra mind-controlled survivor. And, BTW: Keri Burnor discovers that J. Peter Grace, one of the founders of the monastery she references, was involved with Project Paperclip, which brought Nazi scientists to the U.S. after World War II, which is how MK Ultra got started . . . On and on. Yes, you can’t make this stuff up. But you can be subjected to it, even, and especially, without your knowing.

P.S. Check out Fiona’s Watergate WAS Pedogate.

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7 Responses to Sister Keri Burnor: “It may be that monasteries are fronts for the CIA which is run by the Jesuits.”

  1. duggy duggan says:

    how is it jesuits run things when jakob and evelyn roth schield run the multi trillion banking / corp cartel that controlls most central banks…. thereby controlling the gvts of countries in which they control central banks ?

    • The Rothschilds, as evil as they are, do not sit at the top of the power pyramid. In fact, even the Jesuits do not sit at the top of all evil. I wrote about this briefly in a couple of blogs linked below. The Jesuit Order was carefully crafted into existence by agents of the Venetian Black Nobility. Furthermore, the banksters of Venice descended from the actual creditors and banksters of old Babylon, through Persia, through Rome.

      1. The Chair Serves the Master

      2. Stefan Halper and Cambridge Whispers

    • John says:

      I’m Glad you ask & the answer is VERY simple !

      ROT SCHILD … is Red shield in German , so these Zionist Chazar fake Jews ( Real Jews are Greeks check “Hebrew is Greek with a Mask on ” )

      Who had the Red shield during Crusades ?

      The amry of the Vatican , essentially RotSchild whos name really is Bauer (Peasant ) is the protector of Romen Church … Vatican .. & their army the Jesuits ; )

      If you bother you will ALWAYS find the path back to Jesuits ( same for 99% of sects , Mormons .. Jehovahs witness u know themlot

  2. duggy duggan says:

    how pervasive is pedo sex…homo sex…hetero sex in the catholic clergy ?

  3. Duane Peoples says:

    So, Bankster Slayer is contending that the Jesuits were brought into existence by the Black Nobility at the behest of the illuminati, rather than is reported as being founded by Ignatius de Loyola? Ok, I understand that there is a lot of misinformation going around about who did what, and who started what group, but I think most can agree that the Vatican runs at the behest/control of the Jesuits, who are the real power behind the throne, so to speak!

  4. Generoso G.Aguilar, Jr. says:

    This is a wake up call to Humanity. THE TRUTH WILL SET US ALL FREE

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