More on the gunk that infects us

Here is a sampling of news collected over just the past few days.

First, this image.

Next, one of the pedogate arrest notices. Pay attention, they are happening everywhere!

Dozens arrested in Cook County as part of national sex-trafficking crackdown

BTW: I just noticed this next post, republished in this morning’s Bloomington Herald-Times on the back page of the front section. Hmmm. Did the Pennsylvania grand jury citing 301 priests for abuse of over 1000 children ignite an institutional “confessions” tsunami wave? And, will this “cleansing” do the job, if so? Can “the holy roman catholic church” survive this latest threat to its global dominion? Or are too many of those who used to be Catholic, like me, sickened into revulsion.

Indianapolis Archdiocese preps list of priests accused of abuse

Pope Francis sits at the top of this chronically and perhaps fatally infected institutional “body of Christ.” And he’s taking the heat, as should be.

An Epic Scandal Consumes the Vatican and Incriminates Pope Francis

What’s especially important about the above post, to me, is its statement that Pope Francis is an “open border” globalist. Bingo. Everything is connected. Use the CIA and the MIC and NATO and transnational corporations and banks and false flags to ignite wars and other chaos, which creates “hordes” of  refugees fleeing their homelands, and from which kids are siphoned off for sex and organ trafficking; meanwhile, the “hordes” flow through “open borders,” expanding and intensifying the chaos. All of which is meant to engender, a la “problem reaction solution,”  a centralized NWO  Government over the entire globe. “Nothing to see here” remember; and above all: WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.

Meanwhile, let’s step back and look at what various philosophers have had to say about the influence of Earth’s Moon on the percentage of humans who are still operating “mechanically,” their lives pulled and shaped by outside forces. I’m reminded about all the stories about “loosh.”

BTW: the phrase, “We are food for the Moon” has resounded in me ever since I read Ouspensky’s version of Gurdjieff, when I began the process of waking myself up, via self-remembering,  over 50 years ago. The process continues.

Food for the Moon

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2 Responses to More on the gunk that infects us

  1. rose day says:

    In past exposures of priests taking advantage of children, one of the biggest obstacles to resolution was the fact that many mothers of victims counseled their children to remain quiet . . . on the premise that exposure would inflict unholy damage to the ‘Holy Mother Church’.

    This observation is not intended as disparagement to the mothers because protection of the ‘Holy Mother Church’ is ingrained at an early age and most parishioners may prefer not to play odds with whatever they perceive as the Devil.

    My share is more a personal observation regarding the pedophile priest paradigm which seemingly flourishes within mindless institutional adoration.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, the “ingraining” . . . I’m still working it out of my system, even now, 50 years later! Always a “recovering Catholic.”

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