Throwing down the gauntlet: Trump’s challenge

Watch this video, made just prior to the 2016 election, and then ask yourself, is Trump doing what he said he would do?

Here’s an interesting overview of the larger context:

I’d go further and say that it is possibly the case that evil ETs are controlling the controllers. (cf. David Icke, Jordan Sather, David Wilcock, et al.)

Even so, We the People are, each of us, still in charge of our own lives — or we can be. Each of us can DECIDE to be.

Go inside. Find yourself there. Encounter the pain, the denial, the suffering, the feelings of shame, guilt, worthlessness. Dig deep into all the outside (parental, educational, religious, cultural) control mechanisms that have taken hold of you and produced these feelings!. Notice their power. Notice your awareness of their power. Your AWARENESS is YOU!. That so-called “power” over you, no matter how it is described or plays out, is a movie that you have been unconsciously playing, to keep yourself under control.

All this reminds me of the time, in my early 20s, when I began to wake myself up. I had already read Ouspensky’s interpretation of Gurdjieff, and had started to practice “self-remembering,” i.e., stopping whatever I was doing, at any moment of the day, and just saying to myself, i.e., noticing, “I AM HERE. I AM HERE.”

So, one day I am walking along the street, and all of a sudden I notice that I am typing something in the air with my fingers as my arms swing. Wow! Okay, what am I typing? I asked myself, and kept walking, arms swinging, fingers typing.

“I AM A MESS. I AM A MESS. I AM A MESS.” Over and over again! First the middle finger of the right hand, “I”; then the little finger of the left hand, “a”; forefinger of the right hand, “m” — and so on, and on and on. I am a Mess. Programming myself to be a mess!

That, as you can imagine, blew me away. And from then on, whenever I noticed my fingers starting up again, I would stop them. At first it was hard. Nearly impossible. Apparently I had been doing this self-sabotaging ritual for quite a while! But of course, gradually, by continuing to notice whenever my fingers would begin to type, and then stopping them, I did manage to let go of that bad habit.

That was the first of many bad habits. The worst was smoking. I didn’t let go of that until my 40s.

So, even if we can point to all sorts of outside sources responsible for our collective plight, still, it’s up to each of us to break the trance that “they” have imposed, whoever they are. Trunp is not our leader, though, as a courageous figurehead, he does point the way. As each of us can for ourselves and others. Will we?  Will each of us do our part? That remains to be seen. WWG1WGA.

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