The death of hope can engender the rebirth of aliveness —

— or not!


It all depends on whether or not each of us dares to dig in, move down into our feelings and feel them, all of them, especially the scariest, most painful . . . Then — and this is key — keep feeling them, notice where in the body they originate: in the solar plexus (feeling powerless), in the throat (unable to speak one’s truth), in the heart (unable to open to the world), in the sacral center (unable to creatively co-evolve with others), at the base of the spine (unable to root in, ground oneself), in the forehead (pineal gland: unable to access one’s own intuition, visionary capacity).

It’s all there, all the feelings, locked into the chakra centers, and usually, denied, frozen, sludge-like, until some great or long-running experience of disappointment, even despair, knocks us for a loop, so much so that for one “brief and shining moment” — we cannot help but feel them! And then, usually, try like hell to “rise above” the feelings, to cathect painful feelings into the mind, and run with that, the ideas, usually transformed into judgments — against this or that, this person or that one; whoever or whatever our mind has decided is responsible for how we feel, or how we would feel if we let ourselves do so. But the judgment prevails; frozen in denial or locked into projection, we go around the world disconnected from the body and its feelings, spewing hate or locked in depression, and wondering why we feel so alone, abandoned, and lost.

The key, always, no matter what “the cause,” is to feel our feelings; to continue to allow the feelings, wherever they are located; to move down into the feelings, and remain there, until they begin to lighten, change, and finally, dissolve. This may take hours, days, months, even years. But I doubt it. The template for doing this, for actually learning how to value the continuous sensation of one’s authentic feelings, and to recognize them for what they are, blocks to creativity, love, the power the runs the universe, was set decades ago when a few of us consciousness pioneers went through the process, many, like me, by picking up Alice Miller’s The Drama of the Gifted Child; and we’ve never been the same since.

As the voice of my own inner guidance told me, back when I thought the pain, confusion, unknowing would never end, “Just keep going. Don’t get stuck.”

Here are two essays that, besides being beautifully articulated, are also, to my mind, complimentary.

The Death of Hope and Why It is Crucial for an American Awakening


Adamu: An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families

No matter who we are, we need to feel alive in order for us to express our beautiful selves fully into the world.

(And if all of us do this, the world will come into harmony.)

And in order to contact our own aliveness, we must move into our (at first, painful, since long denied) feelings; and once we do that, and choose to remain there for the entire process (which may come and go, rise and recede, for a long time), we can meanwhile begin to take our rightful place in the world, working with our own natural capacities and skills to help right the wrongs of centuries.

Start small, start right where you are, start inside your own body.



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