How SRA and the MIC blend, blur, bleed through

SRA: Satanic Ritual Abuse

MIC: Military Industrial Complex

First, a recent personal experience: I was standing in line at the local credit union on Saturday morning, behind a middle-aged woman who, to me, appeared to identify with some kind of underclass. And yet, like the millennials around here, she had a tattoo. And this tattoo was on the back of her neck.

Given that for the past few years my mantra has been that everything we do is an excuse for relationships, I “stepped out of line culturally” by complimenting her on her tattoo. She turned around, surprised, and thanked me. Said, “It’s in honor of my son, a soldier who died in Iraq.”

Oh, I murmured, quietly, “What a waste of a young life.”

She did not take that remark easily. In fact, her eyes turned hard, accusing. As if she was demanding that I go along with the story she has told herself ever since, a story that she is finding mighty difficult to believe, herself. “He died to preserve our American way of life,” she said, robotically, and then “he REALLY believed that.” I found that last comment interesting, but didnt’ pursue it. Just stepped back in line and didn’t bother her again.

Internally, I was simultaneously kicking myself for my empathic, but impulsive remark based on an assumption that, of course, wouldn’t be shared with the vast majority of Americans! Or would it? Even now, are Americans so quick to think that any war we enter must be a “good war”? I think not. Even this sorrowful woman’s “He REALLY believed. . .” remark, I feel, betrays her real feelings, which she can’t bear to admit to herself, since her beloved son is dead, and she must believe, as she assumes he did, that he “died for a good cause;” indeed, that he was a military hero.

Then, over the past 48 hours, I received two personal email letters from long-time supporters of this blog, Rose Day and Bill Chisholm. Bill, a lifelong anti-nuclear activist in Idaho, has been a personal friend for how long, forty years? In any case, their letters, both of which assume, in their own ways, this blurring effect between SRA and the MIC; and in this commonality, they also blur together!

Thus did these past three days (over the weekend that included posts on the Pisces Full Moon and Mars turning to go direct), produce another powerful synchronicitiy thread (the woman in line at the bank, the two letters) which, I admit, I thrive on! Were it not for my learned right-brain capacity to “follow the trail of synchronicities,”
I would assume that whatever weirdness we are immersed in, here on planet Earth, is just plain crazy!

But it’s not. Though it may seem crazy by normal 3D linear standards, and certainly, our cultural ethical norms appear to have been smashed to smithereens, on another level, we need to realize: we are all continuously dealing with, involved in, blended, blurred, bleeding through many simultaneous dimensions; and all the while, those of us who are aware strive to hold our centers as embodied beings, living in love, heralding the decency and common sense of the vast majority of humanity, and struck, clear through, with awe at the unfolding drama.

Here are the letters, the first from Reader Rose, in Texas. She had put me on to the orphanage news, and had followed through with emailed info on confusing, possibly dicey financial dealings involving the Catholic Church, Burlington College (and Sarah Sanders?), the city of Burlington, and a developer, involving land upon which the now closed orphanage sits.


Rose titled her email “An Aside.”

Ann, this is related to the St Joseph Orphanage info, so please stay with me . . .

There presently exists a plethora of information on the toll of War not only in the military sense but in view of the  havoc wreaked not only upon those who abide in war-torn regions but also those who are deployed to war-torn regions and the loved ones left behind and in constant fear for the safety of the those away.

I am reminded of the anxiety you suffered in the absence of your father during his military service and often think of the many who return home broken physically and/or emotionally and often with no viable resources for re-entry.  Economic downturn is generally in the picture and home and family take the big hit.

My first observations in reading the account of St Joseph Orphanage were the dates . . .the orphanage was established in 1870 (in the wake of the US Civil War) and the home for delinquent boys was established in 1945 (in the wake of WWII).  Questions surface as to how is it that these tragedies occur seemingly in precision and further, are we but puppets in some macabre and universal theatrical production?

Might  the children of St Joseph Orphanage have been innocent post-war victims caught in post-war maelstrom and victimized by malevolent opportunists ever-ready for new blood that have become synonymous with ages-old satanic ritual abuse.


Bill Chisholm titled his email “Predator Priests and Politicians”

To everything turn, turn, turn!!!!!! Like you, I moved beyond the church when I realized there was no need for the middleman and his taxes.  I never had a great conflict with the church at the parish level, but it was Cardinal Spellman, Nixon’s buddy, blessing the helicopters in Vietnam that finished the dis-connect.

That is a nice segue into the subject line, which came to me as I was
working in my garden just now, thinking about the state of the world and the death of John McCain. I never considered him a war hero, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time getting shot down, nothing heroic about that. I did feel for him over his years as a POW and had mixed feelings about him politically, he would pleasantly surprise me now and then.

If you want to know someone that I would call a war hero, read about Ed Freeman.  I worked with him for six or seven years and never heard about the heroics that won him the Congressional Medal of Honor.  That takes me to another story about a friend’s son, who like many young men at 19 years of age is a bit lost and enlisted in the Army to try and find himself.  After a month in Iraq, he found himself dead.  His funeral in Buhl [Idaho} was huge, politicians and military brass showed up saying over and over that the young man was a “hero patriot”.  A teacher that actually knew him and who was himself a Vietnam veteran said like himself the young man was a “victim in an unpopular war.”

My thoughts then took me to the current crisis in the Holy Roman
Catholic Church with its history of pedophile priest, not to mention
genocide with its papal bull-shit. What is a pedophile but one who
takes advantage of the young and innocent. That led me to wondering if that definition does not fit aptly to the politicians and generals that prey on young men and women, who are sent off to fight wars for
corporate profit. When that enters the mainstream consciousness perhaps the military-industrial-complex will be exposed for what it is and then yet another parasitic institution will crumble.

Tis a Wild Ride,

So now, you might read the title to this post again: How the SRA and the MIC blur, blend, bleed through — into what? What IS this dark, thick, slimy underworld hell that we have been magnetized by, and yet ascending out of, for generation upon generation? Will we, can we “drain the swamp”? If this is indeed what DJT is attempting to do with his presidency, then my heart goes out to him, and I’d say that even if, on the other hand, he IS a member of the Deep State, just pretending to drain the swamp, let us act as if he REALLY IS doing it, and get behind that mighty, extended effort. Qanon is right, even if he/she/they is/are a larp as well: whatever happens next is dependent on the magnified collective will of all of us, operating and pulling together, as one. WWG1WGA.

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