TODAY: After two long months, Mars turns to go direct

Note: See post for when the retrograde period began and what then lay ahead, June 26.

Mars turns to go retrograde today at 9°38 Aquarius

Here’s the chart for this morning.

Note that Mars, near the bottom, and making no close major aspects (which puts it in a class “all by itself” and thus unusually strong, because separated from the rest of the chart!), turned at 28°34 Capricorn (which, in Sabian symbol system, reads as 29° Capricorn).

(However, do note that as Mars leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius again, it squares Uranus in early Taurus during the second half of September. Strong earth changes ahead, both via Earth herself, and via the quaking of whatever makes us feel secure, safe, grounded.)

The 29th degree of any sign is the most karmic of that sign, signifying old old lessons that simply must be learned. There is no way out. We must go through the eye of that Capricorn needle.

Mars gives focus, concentration, the ABILITY TO ACT on new (Capricorn) plans. After two months retrograde, during which time those who were consciously aware paid attention to where their own psyches wanted to go, namely inward, to process old stuck stuff that holds us back from full-on authentic, creative, original self-expression; and, on a collective level, the same meaning: processing what holds all of us back, especially structurally and traditionally (chokeholds via central banks, governments, corporations — all Capricorn), from full-press forward motion.

Notice, during this two month period, how much of the awful collective gunky stuck stuff — especially regarding SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and focusing at the end specifically on the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania, and the brave whistleblower who blew the cover of “His Holiness,” the hypocritical Pope Francis, who, the author claims, knowingly covered up seven decades of abuse by at 301 priests of at least 1000 children — has heaved up from the collective unconscious for public review. More and more of us are realizing: pedogate (and SRA, lucrative human and organ trafficking globally orchestrated by the CIA  via war, refugee flows, natural and unnatural disasters, CPS and other so-called helpful agencies) lies at the very bottom of the rot that has infected our society for, what has it been, thousands of years?

Indeed, this very morning, reader Rose turned me on to an astonishingly long and involved investigative report detailing decades of abuse and worse in American Catholic orphanages at the hands of cruel nuns. I.e., it’s not just priests! I couldn’t stop reading this report, and yes, it made me sick, again. I really do need to stop!

Oh, and BTW: the Sabian Symbol for 29° Capricorn: A WOMAN READS TEA LEAVES. Well, the woman who wrote that piece (published in buzzfeed, of all places!) was certainly reading them! An incredible task, and she was at it for four years.

I wasn’t reading any leaves, but I sure was enjoying them, absorbed in their presence, earlier today, precisely during the Mars turning period, when puppy Shadow (who had just come back to life from three days of sickness, no food and very little water) and I took ourselves to the trails of nearby Griffy Lake, where he swam in the creek and we were both entranced by how the sun played on the leaves of that enchanted forest. So grateful to be able to let go and let God, my god being NATURE herself, as she interweaves us all into her mysterious majesty.

Long-awaited PLANS can wait until tomorrow!





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3 Responses to TODAY: After two long months, Mars turns to go direct

  1. Anthony says:

    Just a quick comment: I always love your descriptions of your excursions, gatherings, and the pictures you post. I simply tend to just take them in without words, letting my mind shut down and enjoy the scenery. I rarely see posts from anyone on entries like this. So if I don’t comment on such posts, and you don’t get many from others, I’m thinking it’s not that people are not enjoying them; far from it – I think we are just turning off our brains and enjoying! I know I do the same with many of Laura Bruno’s posts.

    Keep ’em coming!

  2. Janice says:

    I totally relate to your final line and happy to know another person (YOU) feels this way: “So grateful to be able to let go and let God, my god being NATURE herself, as she interweaves us all into her mysterious majesty.”

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