John McCain died August 25th. In place of encomniums, I discover THIS:

Read this lo-o-o-ng August 26th twitter thread by Praying Medic all the way through, detailing and cross-referencing Q’s complex narrative on No Name McCain’s deeds and misdeeds. I guarantee that by the very end, your jaw will drop to the floor.

Especially this:

Do you wonder, like I did, what, in Q’s latest post, the [30] and [00:28] referred to?

Ommigod! Is Q God? I.e., does QGod play with linear time to make anything happen? Or so that “he” not just knows in advance what will happen when, but keeps track, exactly, and makes it happen precisely then, to the minute? And weaves it into a tale so multidimensionally strange that no fiction writer would dare attempt? I’m thunderstruck on this day when Mars turns to go direct, after two months retrograde.

Oh heck! I just can’t stop myself. Here are two screenshots depicting what I refer to above, the final two posts of this brilliant Praying Medic thread that he had been preparing for the past month, and then just about apologized for not handing McCain the requisite honorarium that our culture bestows on public figures who have died, no matter how despicable.

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9 Responses to John McCain died August 25th. In place of encomniums, I discover THIS:

  1. Anthony says:

    OK – there are two possible scenarios here, and NO others (as I do my best MSM interpretation and lead you towards my proffered solution with a false either/or choice):

    1. This whole show is scripted. Every single detail. And it has been so from the start. NeonRevolt, another Q follower, is right and McCain is in some underground tunnel living it up while his wax figure sits in state in the White House. Or:

    2. Greg Braden and many prominent physicists are correct and the entire universe we live in is a giant hologram; a computer program. We are all avatars in a giant video game, with our higher selves on the outside moving us around with joysticks. All the players in the news are just creations of the program we are in that we need to ‘defeat’ in order to ‘level up’ and win the game.

    There can be NO OTHER SOLUTION. But I promise, I am looking HARD for ANYTHING else that makes more sense than what we are seeing!!!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Tongue in cheek, I presume. And hilarious, nonetheless. I tend to veer in both directions, sometimes simultaneously.

  2. Joy Laughter says:

    Hi, Ann —

    Guess what, now when I Google your name to access your Author page on exopermaculture dot com, Google tells me that it can’t find the IP server address.

    I’ll keep accessing you from these side doors as long as I can.


    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      How strange. I’ve contacted the wpsupport team, to see if they understand the problem. Haven’t heard about this from anyone else, at least not yet. Has your computer been “taken over”? Strange question, but hey!

      • Anthony says:

        Hi Ann,

        You might want to read this post. It is VERY relevant:

        In the meantime, I’ve noticed that I have no problems accessing this site from home. I click on the link and all your newest stuff comes right up. Not at work, though.

        And: two of my favorite alt-news sites are now banned here at work – one of them for being, ostensibly, a “sex site”. They are just conservative news sites! But I can access them fine from home.

        This is probably going to get a lot worse, and fast. Have you backed up your favorite files from here yet?

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          What kind of backup do you suggest?

          • Anthony says:

            I’m not really sure, but you can check out what’s out there here:


            I’d avoid anything by Microsoft et. al. of course…

            I’m guessing you already have copies of your AK reader material. But given what has been “prophesied” about coming massive power outages – which may, in fact happen as the poles of the Earth are undergoing a magnetic pole shift currently (see “Suspicious Observers” video channel if you want to see some hard data on that)…maybe hard copies of your most cherished stuff might be a good thing. I’ve been printing out my favorite articles for years.

            I hope it’s all just theater and everything will be restored after things settle down, but who really knows??? No fear here, but being prepared is always a good thing.

  3. Joy Laughter says:

    Hi, Anthony,
    I’ve been wondering about the way my G-mail has been acting, whether something funny is going on with my computer. And now this blocking of Ann’s site. What kind of cleanup do you suggest?

    • Anthony says:

      I just noticed today that my Yahoo account has been hacked; someone has access to all my e-mails and is sending phishing e-mails to me and others using my address. I will change the password again but I’m not sure it will matter.

      At this point, I think this is INTENTIONAL, and probably can’t really be solved without ditching any and all institutional e-mail servers. I’d look into signing up for a private e-mail service and transfer all your most important accounts and addresses there.

      I use, and though it’s pricy ($60 for a year), I’ve had no problems.

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