Today! Full Moon in Pisces slides in just before Mars turns to go direct

Full Moon, 3°12 Pisces/Virgo at 7:56 AM EDT today. And does so only slightly more than 24 hours prior to when Mars turns to go direct, tomorrow, at 10:05 AM EDT.

Besides bringing definite closure to this summer’s three-eclipse season, both these junctures in space/time illumine the diaphanous, ethereal, virtual?, hazy, confusing, mystical, nature of this 3D illusion we live in, with the timing of tomorrow’s Mars turn then coinciding with the Moon’s exact conjunction with Neptune, in its own sign, at 15-16° Pisces. Whew!

Meanwhile, today, this late August Full Moon lights up the Virgo/Pisces polarity which, in my experience, more than any other opposite sign set-up in astrology, is liable to switch places. For example, my Dad, who was a Pisces, with his family acted like a Virgo, hard-working, technical, detail-oriented, critical, precise, perfectionist. And yet, we heard that, with his patients, he was the soul of Piscean compassion. Another example, some Virgos just “space out” (Pisces), they can’t handle the self-castigating perfectionism of Virgo, it’s just too much; so they escape, often into addiction of some kind (Pisces).

In any case, this is the polarity emphasized during this morning’s late-August Full Moon, at 3°12 Virgo/Pisces, which happens to be only one degree from being exactly square my Mars/Uranus in Sagittarius/Gemini!

I’m setting the scene for a story, in case you’re wondering. Here it is . . .

Today, after months of me begging him —two months? Did my entreaties correspond with the Mars Rx period, when nothing new can be accomplished? YES! — housemate Daniel finally agreed to work with me to clean up the worm bins, a distasteful task if ever there was one, since we’ve had the worm composting area for three years, and have never cleaned it. Poor worms! They must be mighty resilient, since they reproduce like mad, and very few have died.

In fact, it’s gotten so groady and messy (negative Pisces; drives negative Virgo crazy!) down there in the basement worm bin area that I have been the only one of the three of us (I include third housemate Alex here) to agree to actually feed table scraps to the worms, probably, again, over these past two months of Mars Rx. When I asked Dan to work with me to clean the area, I didn’t consciously think about the fact that a clean-up may make the feeding task more palatable to Dan and Alex, so that we could rotate it again among the three of us. But that’s what’s happened! Dan even took Alex down there to show it off when she got home!

A hint of why this story hits NOW: because it’s a Virgo/Pisces Full Moon. And though I didn’t realize it as we were working, what more perfect depiction of the Virgo/Pisces opposition, then the worms’ job of digesting (Virgo) and then composting (Pisces). Picking food scraps apart and transforming them into mush, mulch, rich, dark composted soil for outside beds.

I decided to take before and after pictures. First Dan, with his tools — rags, bucket, broom. (And yes, that is water damage on outside basement wall.)






Next, Afterwards:  Dan with the stuff we collected for the trash. Worm bins both clean as a whistle. (The entire room had looked much more chaotic than the Before picture shows.)


The whole process took only about an hour. We got both worm farms out of there, up to the alley between the houses where we also do the weekly Green Acres Village CSA harvests. It features perpetual shade, a good thing on this hot muggy day. We cleaned up the floor and the table downstairs, then placed the worms and their food in buckets outside while we hosed down all of the filters of both worm farms.

A very energizing task, perfect for Mars starting to turn, and perfect as well for me, whose Mars/Uranus squares that Sun/Moon! Perfect also, for Dan, since he has his Mercury at 1° Virgo, within orb of the 3° Virgo/Pisces Full Moon. Plus, his Jupiter is very nearby, at 29° Leo. What did we talk about?

Well first of all, you should know that we talked constantly. In fact, what better time to process experience then when hard at some kind of physical work? We talked (Mercury) about how each of us needs to be valuing our own selves first (Jupiter in Leo), expressing that into the world. Period. I referred him to the post I wrote this morning about how Catholics and other patriarchal religions encourage their congregations to use intermediaries in their relationship to the divine. Which infuriates me (Mars certainly activated), and I said so there, quite clearly.  In other words, activate that Jupiter/Mercury combination! Be yourself, value yourself, express yourself!

Again, I had no idea today’s Full Moon would activate Dan’s Mercury/Jupiter. (I checked his chart afterwards).

So geez! The appropriateness of first, actually finally doing this stinking job after two months of delaying (Mars turning from rerograde to direct), of cleaning out the worm farms (worms make-Virgo compost-Pisces), and then, the piece de resistance, all the Mercury in Virgo/Jupiter in Leo talk about self expression and values, led by my Mars/Uranus which is so activated on this day when Sun and Moon square them both . . . Geez, you’d think the whole experience this morning was divinely choreographed!

The uncanny synchronicities I note so often between planetary configurations and personal experiences — with the planetary configurations usually noticed after the experiences — are actually “old hat” to me. I’m quite used to the idea that the entire cosmos is interwoven within itself. That it all works (Virgo) — above and below, within and without — as one blended, flowing, universal ocean of love (Pisces).

Would that everyone could sense this magical mystery tour we are all engaged in! And especially on days like today, with the Virgo/Pisces axis stimulated, fusing the material and spiritual realms.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that this Pisces Full Moon is exactly opposed to my Ascendant. I have felt it as a hinge point —even for weeks leading up to this day — but had not made the connection. Another of those synchronous examples gleaned after the fact!

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