A few “odds and ends,” though some may be worthy of being in the center of everything

If so, which ones? I have no idea. From my current collection:

  1. Another anti-Q Interpretation

This anti-Q post is interesting, sophisticated, brings in the likelihood of AI, and shows how and why. True? I have no idea.

The Silence of the Q

2. Adamu Speaks, and it’s ultimately good news!

Thanks to Kauilapele, I listened to this video in full this morning. Riveted. Gives one possible interpretation of why and how thousands of years of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) has been practiced.

Adamu Speaks: The Ancient Red Vampire Is Dead

Clue: “Aliens.” This story makes sense to me, in that I don’t think humans themselves would actually think up such abominational practices. On the other hand, as long as we humans fear Death we are capable of anything! And, in that case, if we think we need small children’s’ adrenalized blood to lengthen life or even achieve near-bodily-immortality, well, sobeit!

This reminds me of the controversy that swirls around the whole “gender-fluid” movement, with its politicized, divide and conquer attitude, slicing the identification of human bodies into tighter and tighter categories with politically correct pronouns to match. As I told a friend, as long as we identify with our bodies, then I suppose this kind of gender-fluid talk makes sense. But what if we don’t? What if we realize we are immortal souls, a tiny portion of which is embedded here, on planet Earth, in a body? This makes the whole question of whether I’m male, female, alternating, both, or blended, a question of inner recognition and integration, rather than needing to show itself for all the world to see, on the outside of the body, which is then sometimes tortured and torqued to conform to mental and emotional dictates.

Fear of Death equals fear of losing what one identifies with. And in this case, with SRA, fear of not staying young (this fear is shared by the culture at large), or at least, fear of losing the only thing that one thinks is truly yours, the body, when actually, it’s simply a vehicle, temporarily worn by the soul.

I lost my Fear of Death at 26, and haven’t been the same since. When this fear is gone, so are all the others.

3. Debunking a Century of War Lies

Of course, those referred to above, in #2, LOVE WAR. And if that video is correct, we are now running a completely new timeline, having voided the one that led inexorably to World War III.

4. Corporate Takeover of Organic Food

Besides war, there are a number of other ways to kill off the human race, and adulterated food is one of them.

Local is best. Farmers’ markets, CSA’s, farm to table restaurants, roadside stands, back yard, front yard, side yard,  and community gardens. See our greenacresvillage.org. Food — both what we harvest from our beloved Earth, and the nourishing food for thought and feeling that our souls offer each other in community, is our very reason for being!

Carefully investigate what the farmer does to grow the food, and act accordingly. Meanwhile, stay away from processed food (which means ALL THE MIDDLE AISLES OF SUPERMARKET STORES!).  And yes, alternatively, use the fancy apps to attempt to discover what an ingredient actually is, or whether or not this or that food was actually produced organically. Key: if an organic producer is now owned by a multinational, watch out. For example, the enormous and righteous Organic Valley Co-op, formed in 1988, in 2016, “teamed up” with General Mills. That can’t be good.

The Organic Corporate Takeover


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4 Responses to A few “odds and ends,” though some may be worthy of being in the center of everything

  1. Anthony says:

    On Q: I keep finding more and more stuff indicating that “Q” really is a LARP. It’s a Pied Piper psy-op leading intelligent people along a track that the elites want people to follow.

    I still think following the path they want us to will result in a lot less suffering for humanity in the long-term; but that doesn’t mean we should stop being vigilant, especially once we get to the other side of whatever is coming.

    Anyway, here’s a couple interesting posts about the Alex Jones MSM bannings and how it is a psy-op in itself; the second post talks a bit about Q. And once again, I don’t know what is true any more – I just like turning up stones for people to look at so we have as much data available for understanding as possible. And the more people looking at it, the better:



    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Okay, will need to investigate this theburningblogerbedlam.wordpress.com character. Thanks! Love how you goad my thinking process.

  2. Joy Laughter says:

    I listened to 2., the Adamu/Zingdad info. I have come to trust a feeling of inner neutrality-tinged-with-relief as a signal that what’s being delivered is “true.”Kind of a sense of inner nodding, saying “Yup, that sounds about right.” That feeling was constant and steady while listening to Zingdad.

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