Re: Cohen, Manafort, and Trump’s current “feud” with Sessions, etc.

Last night, at our weekly Green Acres Community Dinner, a good friend (and retired IU professor) came up to me and stated that, given the news about Cohen and Manafort, it looks like now Trump will finally be going down. My friend is obviously happy about this assessment. I told him to wait and see.

Although he’s is right, that is what it looks like, and fake news propaganda machines are gleeful (I hear that CNN and MSNBC mentioned the word “impeachment” 222 times in one day!), to me, it signified one more example of a Trumpian set-up, the likes of which I did not yet understand.

This morning, via Kauilapele, I found an x22report which, to me, if Trump is indeed playing 4D chess, then this account may explain Trump’s chess moves now.

“What You Are Witnessing Is A Mirror Image Of What Is To Come”

Here are three corroborating tweets on my feed this morning. Especially love the possibility that, in response to Trump’s tweet asking Sessions to investigate Democratic corruptionSessions himself insists on the Justice Department operating in a non-political manner (unlike past administrations) which means, that when indictments are unsealed, Trump can’t be blamed for what happens.


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