Life in the In-Between: Good and Evil, Inside and Out

I wrote the above note to myself a year or so ago, to remind myself just how complete our immersion inside the In-Between during this extraordinary time. The note’s specific reference was to this place that we have founded, Green Acres Permaculture Village, to serve as one possible template for a New World of sharing and caring beyond the current one that rewards selfishness. And yet, of course, we live inextricably inside that Old World, as an intentional village within an existing suburban neighborhood, continuously working and reworking various aspects of the EDGE between the two.  

Notice how I, and many, many others, seem to be focused on both the best and the worst of humanity during this time of extraordinary crisis/opportunity?

Focused on both. Dynamically balancing between the two, opening space for even more of both to reveal themselves, over and over again, all of us working to let go of the mental structures that have bound us into a fake matrix reality for centuries. Mind controlled to think that we have to have priestly absolution to be cleansed of original sin as infants! (Roman Catholicism). Mind controlled to think that this life is necessarily, a zero sum Hunger Game(s) dystopian world of scarcity, a “war of all against all”! (Hobbes).

So I segue back and forth. One day, it might be a post compiling unutterably horrific stuff involving pedogate (and worse: torture, ritual death, snuff films, cannibalism, trafficking of children, women, organs, drugs, guns); then, immediately following, a post on extraordinary effort, skill, determination, even heroics — by people of every class and kind, many anonymous, who are investigating the darkness. Bringing the darkness to light. Encountering the darkness, and finding the light within. These people are legion, folks. WE ARE LEGION.

And some of us are going on to not just witness and investigate “what is going down,” but to actually put our main effort and focus into “putting our money (and our time, our skills, our creativity) where our mouth is,” together visioning and building the new world within the old; like this Green Acres Village, we are lotuses arising from the mud. I sense and have been told of tiny experiments in community with each other and our  Mother Earth, sharing and caring in the continous present moment for the faroff future of all, EVERYWHERE.

It truly does seem to be a time when we must confront the distinct difference between GOOD and EVIL, even though, in practice, in all our lives and experimentation with new models, we are continuously riding the seemingly blurry edge between the two, using that edge as grist for our mill,  how, over and over again, it forces us to open to circumstances “beyond our control” — and sometimes, despite our best efforts, we fall off the track we have chosen. How do we know when we have done this? We can feel it inside our bodies. As a kind of yuckiness, emotional and spiritual, physical. Nausea. Wanting to throw up. Wanting to hide, forget, escape. Wanting to judge, kill, erase, squash like a bug. All these emotions tell us that something is bothering us. Something is “off,” evil. And each time, it’s both up to us to find out what is making us feel so bad, and to eradicate that yuckiness within ourselves. Because whatever is outside, is also inside, as an amassed shadowy (denied? refused? ignored? projected?) set of egoic attitudes, all designed to win, at the expense of everyone else. Let’s face it folks: there is no good/evil split between inside and outside. Both contain both.

And with that I bring us to the latest qanon post, and what it refers to, a hornets’ nest of people with very familiar names who, it appears, have been masterminding, as a group, all sorts of nefarious selfish stuff for a very long time. Thanks to the anon, “lonestarbeliever,” on reddit. Posted 16 hours ago, it has already inspired nearly 600 comments.



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