As Mercury turns to go direct, please, would-be citizen investigators — step up to the plate!

Mercury turned to go direct this morning, at nearly 12° Leo, making only one strong aspect, to Jupiter in Scorpio, and even that is three degrees from exactness. At issue is Leo’s pride and self-expression. Pride is negative, self-expression is positive. Pride as assuming one knows, for certain, “the truth;” self-expression as the decision to speak one’s own truth, no matter what.

The aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio continues the underworldly, deep in the heart of darkness, issue of corruption, as being revealed during this time — pedophilia and worse, bribery, pay to play, murder, trafficking of children, organs, you name it! It’s all comin’ down.

Mercury direct will be followed by Mars, on August 27th, then Saturn on September 6. With these three planets finally going direct we may see some actual action as the result of all the revelations.

As a result of the discovery of yesterday, I went back to her site and was astonished by what she has put up there for other “diggers,” she calls them, to call upon, when in need of resources to back up or flesh in their investigations.  Check out especially:

The File Drawer


For Diggers

Were I young again, I would certainly be one of the diggers, given that I have been obsessed with “the news” since I was a small child. Check her inspirational site out thoroughly; you’ll be amazed. And use her example to start your own investigations. In doing so you will be aligning with all the Qanon decoders ( I appreciate especially prayingmedic, neonrevolt,  seething frog, and the war drummer), and so many other alert and indefatigable citizen investigators, like, for example,  Tracy Beanz, who investigates a wide range of topics, including political corruption within the DOJ and FBI. And don’t forget Liz Crokin, a career journalist who gave it all up to concentrate on pedophilia when most people thought she was obsessed and crazy. That was two years ago. She has since been vindicated, in spades.

Meanwhile, we should recognize that the deep rot that we seek to root out has a very long history; some think it goes back 2000 years or more.


Here’s a military pedophile eradiction operation, Operation Clydesdale, published in December 1999, but recounts events when Reagan was president. A brutal operation, which did achieve its objective — the rescue of one young, totally traumatized and tortured, boy — but at what cost?

So all of this horror is nothing new. What’s new is that, thanks to the internet, it’s now leaking out, everywhere. It may be that the story of the dozens of Catholic priests in Pennsylvania who molested at least 1000 young boys over seven decades will prove to be some kind of turning point. Even the MSM is running stories on this long-running abomination. But then, we thought Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover-Up  would turn the tide. Or the convictions of athletic coach Jerry Sandusky (and subsequently, his son); or that of  Ex-speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

Then there’s Hollywood. I’ll let you do the digging on that one. Just too many perps to count at this point.

And new revelations come daily, thick and fast. Will they be enough? Only if citizen investigators, all of you young ones who are burning with the fire of outrage, who need to see justice done, who possess writing skills and immense, intense curiosity for what’s down there in all the rabbit holes — get on board.

Meanwhile, of course, there’s another plan to control the internet, reported on by one of the MSM newspapers, the WSJ!

Senator Mark Warner’s Plan to Ruin the Internet

Be alert! Without the internet, the astonishing upwelling of citizen investigation of corruption that has kept humanity in mental, emotional, and sometimes physical chains, for millennia, would not be possible. Period.


Back to Mercury turning to go direct. Check out this interpretation of the Sabian symbol for 12° Leo: An Evening Lawn Party. 

Clearly, all these citizen investigators also need to connect with each other, to cooperate, if we want the sum to be more than the individual parts. And we are doing that. Through blogs, and social media, and just hanging with our friends, whether in person or digitally. The more peer-to-peer networking takes place, the better chance we have to actually strip civilization of the nauseating plague that has been holding us hostage from time immemorial, causing chaos, slavery, rape, murder, wars, and the destruction of our beloved Mother Earth.


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3 Responses to As Mercury turns to go direct, please, would-be citizen investigators — step up to the plate!

  1. xb says:

    how would they help??

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      By persuing whatever drives them, gets their ire up, and/or their curiosity. The internet is a GOLD MINE. Never before has humanity been offered this infinite opportunity to strip the deadening corruption from our entire civilization. And of course, the quest begins within the self. What shadow aspects of oneself need to be investigated, mined? What in myself is holding me back from expressing my full nature? What shame, guilt, hurt, abandonment? Begin within the self, allow whatever doesn’t want to reveal itself surface, forgive, and above all, integrate. Allow the increasing awareness that results flow outward, to meet with whatever is yours to plumb.

  2. Kierono says:

    I caught this typo, but I am starting to think it’s a synchronicity: you meant to type “eradication” but you typed “eradiction.” Era Diction. The era or epoch speaks. If I were to go really out on a limb, I would say The Aeon (Sophia) Speaks. Woo that’s spooky. 🙂 A bit more about Sophia (Wisdom Goddess) from just one perspective:

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