Massive compilation: coreysdigs in to planned solar panel installations across island trade (traffic) routes

Across a massive three-part series, 44 pages, PDF here, above all, she asks WHY: what is the real agenda behind this seemingly humanitarian endeavor?

This series is breathtaking; old-fashioned investigative journalism at its best, tying probability of a known route for human and drug trafficking to a public/private, multi-corporate. multi-governmental scheme to “solarize” islands, i.e., put solar panels where hurricane winds tend to blow them off. Huh? I’ve only managed to delve part-way through Part I of  this astonishingly detailed overview in both time and space, but do plan to finish it.

Another welcome find from my twitter feed.



Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with the Clintons and Richard Branson: Part I

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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, I am writing to share some thoughts on the ‘Shipwreck’ series and I wish to be clear that it is not my intention to come across as in confrontation and/or disagreement as I so appreciate that you shared this information.

    I recently completed a reading of all three Parts and the series is truly phenomenal in scope yet an odd thing happened as I continued to read . . . the author’s exemplary research makes it abundantly clear as to just how tightly woven and far-reaching are the tentacles of this evil and a nagging hopelessness of sort seeped into my thinking to the extent that the concept that we mere mortals can have viable effect seems almost impossible.

    I acknowledge that the mountain of info precipitated significant ‘brain-drain’ yet I know myself well enough to know that the brain-drain will pass and so too the hopelessness because even in brain-drain, certain points are clear in my mind . . . briefly and in ‘shipping’ terms:

    *Captains of Industry and Governmental Entities seem fully on board worldwide.
    *Ports of entry and exit appear secure worldwide.
    *Availability of lucrative Cargo seems a done-deal worldwide’.

    I personally feel that the goal in this enterprise is not installation of solar panels per se but rather Procurement of Funds for which the panels are a ruse. On a hopeful note, three potential Great Happenings come to mind:

    *Worldwide Evaporation of Funds for the enterprise.
    *Worldwide Loss of Military Protection of Ports and Trade Routes for the enterprise.
    *Worldwide Exposure of the Truth of the Cargo in the enterprise.

    Thanks again for the share as knowledge truly is power.

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