WHAT’S AT STAKE, yet again: My roots are Roman Catholic and I am ashamed.

Part of being love, rather than cowering in fear is speaking truth to power. And that Catholicism is so very corrupted leaves me with a terrible taste in my mouth. Not that I’ve gone to church lately. In fact, not since I left that old world behind, when I was 23, and absolutely knew I was not to have another child. (At that time birth control was still a no-no.) For me, it was either my life (and my body) or some fire-breathing authority looking down on me from above, trying to tell me what to do. Forget it!

So, I’m wondering how many Catholics will fall away with this latest disgusting Pennsylvania revelation. And, BTW, as I recall, that finding was for only two dioceses out of nine total in that state. What would the total number of priests and victims be if all nine dioceses were counted?

Reader Anthony sent a long, comprehensive article today, from 2016 (following the Antony Weiner laptop revelations), which goes into detail, starting mid-way through, re: the Catholic church and its long-standing relationship with pedo. Thank you Anthony! And thanks to Rose, who pointed out that Anthony had posted it before I saw it! Decidedly: WWG1WGA.


Speaking of the Catholic church, Q posted something today that made my skin crawl. Check this out. And so glad others finally pulled the terrified infant away from the obsessed priest. Why did they wait so long? Afraid of “authority”? AFRAID? It’s high time we let go of fear. Period. WWG1WGA.



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