Note that the Hopefully Historic Monsanto Decision . . .

. . . was achieved on August 10, within 24 hours of the final eclipse of this three eclipse season.

Think of it: an African American groundskeeper, 43 years old, who had sprayed with Monsanto at his job, despite protection, ended up with terminal cancer. His was the first of over “4000 cases” (other sources give different figures) to go to trial; after two months, the jury handed him the decision of our lifetime, hopefully prying open a powerful portal that will result in a healthier, more vibrant world.

Via my twitter feed, The Epoch Times:

Plaintiffs say Roundup Cancer Verdict Makes the US Safer, More Just

More info in the next article, including that the jury took three days to reach a verdict, and that the way the verdict was worded helps future cases, in that it doesn’t say for sure that Roundup “caused” the cancer, but instead that it caused “harm.” As I recall, the idea of attributing one’s illness to a chemical, when the illness occurs after the fact of having somehow come into connection with the chemical, has been a sticking point in other cases involving poisons. The decision is also notable in that it points out that Monster-santo knew it lied when it claimed that the product was safer than salt.

Why were damages in Monsanto’s Roundup trial so high? Not only is the giant liable, but it caused harm deliberately

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