Who, When, Where, How, Why: Qanon?!?

More and more, I seem to be “coming down on the side of Q.” Despite my resolve to keep my mind open, I do find myself checking qanon.app several times each day. Some drops are easy to understand, most not; I greatly appreciate the plethora of Qanon decoders and contextualizers in the alt-media world. Examples:

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  1. Anthony says:

    Yeah, this “Q” thing has me spinning my wheels too. I’m trying to understand it from the perspective of history and how the elites always, always “lead every revolution against us”. How else can these same money-controlling families stay on top of the food chain for so many millennia, unless they also position themselves to lead from the light as well as the darkness?

    But then: this is a duality system. Can it ever be any other way? There will *always* be someone with more, and someone with less. It will always be thus in 3D; it’s literally baked into the design of this dimension. And now the “grand cycle” calls for more light than darkness, and these families are leading the transition – because *it’s what they have always done*. And they will lead us into the “Golden Age”. That’s why I wrote what I did in my last post (and thanks for sharing that with others, especially Laura).

    I just hope that being aware of all this qualifies me for 4D/5D so I don’t have to do all of this over again!!

    p.s. haven’t heard yet from Greg and Daphna e.g. orgone pucks. I think they are still on the road. I’ll keep you posted.

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