New Moon Partial Eclipse early morning TODAY! But new beginnings feel bogged down

Frankly, with the grandkids here, I just didn’t keep track of the timing for the final eclipse of this three-eclipse season. So here we are! It actually took place at 5:58 EDT this AM, and its effect, like all eclipses, may extend six months. If you have planets on or near the eclipse point, 18° Leo, or any of the other three fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus) the eclipse effect will be more intense. Remember: the New Moon is the creative moment of each month when the new lunar cycle is set in motion. During this pregnant moment, anything can be happen, anything — and our commitment to this single step will set us in the new direction. And that this new moon is also a partial eclipse greatly magnifies the intensity of this NOW moment.

However, and it’s a big however. . . . First, let’s start with what’s happening to me. And then go on to the bigger issue, that this eclipse is occurring inside a situation when most planets are retrograde.

First, Me: Two computer glitches:

You’ll have to open the pdf, since the screenshot I took of this chart doesn’t appear on my desktop.  This screenshot problem began about the time Mercury turned retrograde . . . and it really hampers my work!

New Moon Eclipse

Also, I just heard from two people that the only way they can access my recent posts now is to type in my name, Ann Kreilkamp, and then they will appear under “Author.” I’d call this another strange Mercury retrograde phenomenon (attempts to communicate hampered) that happens to be coupled with the rare two-month Mars retrograde, plus, just this past week, Uranus turned to go retrograde, joining so many others, including Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto. What isn’t retrograde now, besides Sun and Moon which never are? Only two planets, Venus and Jupiter.

So we might as well enjoy this period where it seems as if we are held in place, not allowed to head out to any far shore, but instead must tread water, plus dive down, periodically, to work with old, unfinished business. Jupiter, at 14° of fixed watery Scorpio, provides the rich emotional context for stirring up all this old juicy gunk that we would prefer to stay buried, but just won’t stop burping up from below until we finally DO dive down — and either stay there, learn to breathe water like a fish, or come up briefly for air before diving again.

And, Jupiter at 14° Scorpio happens to exactly square Mercury at 14° Leo, which itself is conjunct the New Moon Eclipse at 18° Leo. So, this diving down concerns especially the long-standing need to work out old emotional shit with initimate others, but in the context of self-centered Leo pride, not wanting to admit to our part in whatever muddied the waters. Communication (Mercury) is essential, even though difficult, and possibly garbled until Mercury turns to go direct (August 19), and even then it will take awhile to move through its shadow period until out in the clear by September 2.

So, even though this IS a New Moon Eclipse, and thus promises an intensified New Beginning, all this old gunk stands in the way of clear sailing. We must attend to it first, period! And it’s not something that we can just say “Okay, done!” No. We have to work it through, and it takes time; we must go deeper and deeper, and it hurts like hell, some kind of old wound to the heart that has been festering so long that we hardly remember what it feels like to be in the clear!

The good news: The powerful Jupiter square Mercury/Sun/Moon also happens to create a triangular formation with Neptune at 15° Pisces. these five planets configure what I call a “Triangle of Continuous Growth” during this pregnant eclipse! — featuring one difficult aspect (square), one harmonious aspect (trine), and one somewhat difficult aspect (inconjunct). What happens here is that the drive to move through the difficulty (square) is both supported (trine) and requires continuous adjustment (inconjunct). That spiritual Neptune is involved indicates that, on subtle spiritual levels, both compassion and forgiveness are at work.

Meanwhile, please do remember that Mars doesn’t turn to go direct until August 27, and even then will not be released from its shadow period until early October.



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