Adventures with Q: Earthly and otherwise!

Even if Q turns out to be a “LARP” (Live Action Role Play), or a psy-op designed to lead us astray, who cares? What’s really wonderful about this brilliant new communication stream is how it wakes us up, makes us think, asks us to do our own research, blasting through our conceptual helmets — in all sorts of areas! As if no subject matter is taboo. YES!

Notice in the above video, by praying medic, one of the Q decoders I pay attention to, how Q helps researchers who work to decode the pithy, enigmatic Q drops know whether or not they are on the right track in their investigations.

Referring back to my first Q post of this new series,

Nine months later: What, really, is Qanon?

I was surprised to find that some of the subject matters of the books correlated with each of the now over 1800 Q drops are of intense interest to me, and have been for decades! Especially note William Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse, which Q has referred to — so far! — an astounding 620 times!

Of particular interest here is that Q refers to the ET presence via two books by researcher Dr. Michael Salla.

QAnon Goes Mainstream at Trump Rally while Tripcodes Point to Exopolitics Books

Coming back to earth — or not! — the main item on the bucket list for grandson Drew while visiting Bloomington this week is that his uncle Colin and I take him and his sister on one of our CE-5 adventures, sitting in a field at night, looking upwards at the vast starry sky, and asking ET to let us know of their presence. So far, for me, this intention has always been answered, with numerous bright flashes from various sectors of the sky. (Not airplanes, and not satellites. These are flashes, in place, not moving.)

So, yesterday, Colin and I took Drew and Kiera out to nearby Yellowwood Dam, to see if the grassy area on top of it might be a good viewing platform, and if so, how to negotiate passage to it easily in the dark with chairs and blankets. We plan this skyviewing adventure as the finale — following a barbeque on Colin’s deck during our final evening together, this Friday.

Here’s an account by one person in my CE-5 group of an recent evening spent skywatching with a CE-5 group in Cincinnati. WOW!

The evening started off slow initially but quickly ramped up after a group meditation.  Nancy led the meditation, and we all could feel very intense energy.  We all felt a presence both inside our circle and outside.  Throughout the meditation I was continually getting goosebumps head to toe and even felt something brush against my back pushing my t-shirt against my skin.

Shortly after the meditation Heather and I went on a short walk about on Ron’s farm.  On our way back I noticed three bright blue flash bulbs.  I saw the frist two and managed to get Heather’s attention just in time to witness the third.

Heather and I made our way back to Nancy.  We sat and chatted for a brief period witnessing sporadic flash bulbs before doing a 2nd meditation.  This time we did not form a circle but did Dr. Greer’s guided meditation.  Afterwards we continued to see random flash bulb events, usually happening in at least pairs.

Nancy and I were sharing music back and forth.  Mostly very meditative type music for relaxing to.  It was during this time shortly, close to 4am we witnessed the “grand finale”.  Close to the zenith I witnessed a bright but slow strobing light fading in and out.  This light was also accompanied by flash bulbs around it, some of which were very bright in intensity.  Within about 5 to 10 seconds of seeing the strobing light, and with some help of the moonlight it became quite evident that this was a fully materialized craft!  It was triangular in shape but at a very high altitude.  We were able to watch it move slowly across the night sky for about two whole minutes.  Two different types of flash bulbs were continually appearing under it, above it and behind it.  One was very intense and bright, and the other somewhat dim.  The light at the front of the craft never stopped strobing in and out. This was not like a fast flicker of a plan strobe.  It would go in and out much more slowly than what is typical for an airplane.

I’m very thankful to the Cincinnati group for inviting me.  This is the first confirmed fully materialized craft I think I’ve witnessed while doing CE5.

Do you see how an adventure into the Q phenomenon can take one “far afield,” resonating with realms that have fascinated me, and others, forever?


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  1. “Do you see how an adventure into the Q phenomenon can take one ‘far afield,’ resonating with realms that have fascinated me, and others, forever?”

    Yes, and I also see how lucky Kiera and Drew are to have Uncle Colin and Grandma Ann like their personal “A Wrinkle in Time” cast of characters, kind of like a Mr. Where and Mrs. Why. What an amazing family you have! So glad you’re sharing this special time together. 🙂

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