Grandkids here! First morning: Griffy Lake hike

They arrived yesterday, flying for the first time alone, without parents. Drew is 15, Kiera just turned 18. Here they are after our hike this morning, both flopped at different times into “my” chair (they are the only ones besides myself in this household who even dares to come close to “my” chair . . . ) and of course, on screens.


This afternoon, they plan to bike around campus, and this evening, out to dinner with son Colin and his girlfriend Kim.

Here are a few photos Kiera took on our Griffy lake hike with Colin, Kim, and the dogs.

We were especially captivated by the spider webs. So many, and very very beautiful. Colin tells us that spider webs have tensile strength 9X stronger than that of steel? Something like that.

Spider sits in center . . .


This next one is so amazing that you probably won’t see it unless I tell you about it. Yes, it’s about in the center of the photo, to the right of the yellow leaves; looks like a dream catcher, with cross inside a thick circle, made of closely packed, concentric strands. I’ve never seen anything like it! When we came upon this web, the little spider was on the outside, weaving, but then she took a strand and dropped down; we carefully stepped around her amazingly formed creation.

Then there was the tiny turtle, fist-sized, that Kiera and I came upon, while scouting geodes.

Towards the end, Kiera wanted to take photos of the beautiful green field that has developed on the edge of the lake with tiny yellow flowers. There were also big turtles on a log, and a great blue heron, and nesting geese, though she didn’t capture them.

But she did manage to capture Shadow, sniffing in that luxurious field.

And she brought back some of her geode treasures, plus a twisted glass perfume bottle that she plans to take apart. It’s her third one!

She figures her luggage has plenty of room.

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